Sharp has developed a new technology for recycling

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Sharp has developed a new technology for recycling waste plastics

sharp has developed a new technology for recycling plastic components that previously could only be discarded. The technology is to recover high-purity polypropylene from polypropylene components attached with metal parts and different resins to produce recycled plastics. Mainly for the components recycled from the four major household appliances (TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine); The items recycled from the four major household appliances, such as metal parts such as small screws made of iron and aluminum, and polypropylene attached with polystyrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene, styrene and other resins, were previously only discarded

in order to establish the recycling technology this time, three new technologies have been adopted on top of the original recycling technology

first, a metal removal production line was introduced. In sharp 7, don't leave the experimental machine and Mitsubishi materials in the process of the experiment. The new production line is set up in Kansai recycling systems, a household appliance recycling company jointly funded by 7 companies. Before the recycled plastic components are put into the crusher, the detected metal parts can be removed in advance through the production line

second, a high purity PP separation and recovery technology for recovering high purity polypropylene has been developed. This technology can be screened by using wind force and water specific gravity. The materials used for the total length of arc end face d = 5-35mm selected by the crusher should not only meet the mechanical performance requirements of structural parts, but also recover high-purity polypropylene from crushed plastic after crushing. Use wind power to remove micro powder, and use specific gravity of water to remove polystyrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. Polypropylene with purity of more than 99% can be recovered

third, the plastic coloring technology developed by Yubu Xingchan is adopted. This technology can clean the recovered high-purity polystyrene, then mix additives, and make foreign matters invisible through coloring. Such recycled plastic can be applied to exterior components

sharp will apply the plastic obtained through this recycling technology to the refrigerator exterior components scheduled to be launched in September 2007. The company also plans to expand the scope of application in the future, and strive to increase the use of 620 tons of recycled plastics in 2006 to 1000 tons in 2008

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