Sharing of successful cases of waterborne coating

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Sharing of successful cases of water-based ten-year office furniture water-based coating

sharing of successful cases of water-based ten-year office furniture water-based coating

November 5, 2018

August 2018, coating industry magazine On the theme of "successful application of water-based coatings in the field of office furniture", the professional committee of water-based technology application of the Chinese Chemical Society interviewed Mr. lvjinming, special assistant to the chairman of Sinorgchem Group Co., Ltd., and Mr. guoyunfeng, director of the solid wood factory. In response to relevant industrial chain technology and market issues, the coating industry and the water-based special committee also interviewed Mr. Liu Shun, the rotating president and Mr. Zhou Qionghui, the chief product officer of Shanghai zhanchen coating Co., Ltd., the upstream partner of Sinorgchem group, and Mr. Lu Weiguo, the vice president of Greater China of the coating, adhesives and special chemicals business department of covestro polymers (China) Co., Ltd

it is reported that Sinorgchem group has been rated as "the first in the comprehensive strength of China's office furniture brands" for four consecutive years since 2014, and is the leader in environmental protection practice in the office furniture industry

in 2017, the ninth BRICs leaders' meeting was held in Xiamen. With the technical support of upstream partners, the office furniture specially provided by Sinorgchem for the BRICs meeting achieved all water coating, which was affirmed by the project side of the BRICs leaders' meeting and successfully settled in the Xiamen International Conference Center. This is another major international conference that Sinorgchem has helped after the G20 meeting. It is understood that the BRICs conference furniture adopts water-based two-component and water-based UV technology, which not only makes the performance of the paint film fully achieve the effect of solvent based paint, but also its gloss performance surpasses the traditional solvent based paint

there are many kinds of machines for you to choose from! Tezhu said in the interview: as the first brand of office furniture in China, Sinorgchem has been established for more than 20 years. During this period, Sinorgchem group has always adhered to the business philosophy of "creating a perfect office and living environment", and focused on exploring the future of making office furniture "greener" and "smarter", and exploring the road of "oil to water" and realizing the technological innovation of Genesis is undoubtedly a crucial step. As we all know, the smell produced by traditional solvent based paint will make people feel obviously uncomfortable. Sinorgchem adopts environmental friendly water-based paint to replace it, which not only effectively reduces the damage to the body of coating workers, but also brings a more comfortable experience to customers. Director Guo said in an interview earlier: "the water-based coating has greatly reduced customers' complaints about the smell of products, which is of great importance to zhanchen. The surface effect of furniture products coated with water-based coating is also more perfect than traditional products, such as gloss and wear resistance, which are well-known on the client side, making the furniture products of Sinorgchem comparable to the products of top international furniture manufacturers."

however, the road of "oil to water" is not plain sailing. As early as 2003 and 2004, Sinorgchem group was exposed to water-based coatings. However, problems such as complex production process, long drying time, insufficient surface wear resistance and relatively expensive price have plagued the company. 9. Wire rods have changed the experimental machine to assemble small angle devices for many years. Until 2015, Sinorgchem group finally launched the "oil to water" project in an all-round way. At that time, the performance of water-based coatings has also reached the industry requirements. In the exploration process of 1 reviewing and lagging behind in all aspects of combination design according to market demand for more than 0 years, Sinorgchem has experienced various challenges, and its initial success can not be achieved without the full support of Sinorgchem Group partners, including zhanchen coatings and kesichuang. Lu tezhu of Sinorgchem group said in the interview: "even at present, there is still room for improvement in the price and performance of water-based coatings, but I believe that with the joint cooperation of costron, zhanchen and Sinorgchem, new breakthroughs will be made in the process of 'oil to water'."

as an important partner of Sinorgchem group, and also a pioneer in China's waterborne wood coatings industry, zhanchen coatings has been engaged in technical research in related fields for more than ten years. Liushun, President of zhanchen paint, said that zhanchen has been assisting Sinorgchem in the work of "oil to water" since 2010. Sinorgchem office furniture has a very high requirement that the bottom of the product box should be higher than the ground quality, so zhanchen recommended the water-based two-component scheme through screening. On the one hand, the advantages of water-based coatings are that they meet the relevant requirements of the government and achieve the effect of environmental protection; On the other hand, it is to ensure the safety of employees and the health of consumers. The progress and development of material technology are obvious to all in the industry. If it can be well used, the performance of water-based coatings can be comparable to solvent based coatings in many aspects. " President Zhou of zhanchen paint added: after years of accumulation and exploration, zhanchen has basically established a complete product system and coloring system, which has been handy in the process of practice. Compared with traditional solvent based coatings, waterborne wood coatings still have some deficiencies in aspects such as substrate filling, which depends on further research and improvement of the industry, but for the future of the industry, waterborne is bound to be bright

costron has done many years of work in the research, development and application of environmental friendly materials. During the interview, Mr. Lu of Cisco first talked about the company's business philosophy: "3P" concept, people, planet and profit, that is, the profits of people, the earth and enterprises. Putting "people" in the first place is the foundation of the enterprise. Cooperating with zhanchen paint and Sinorgchem group to promote water-based in the furniture industry caters to this idea. Covestro believes that only when the participants in the whole industrial chain are satisfied, can it be called success; If direct customers succeed, but more downstream customers do not succeed, the company's business and career will not go far. Based on this, covestro has always been committed to working with zhanchen coatings and Sinorgchem group in the field of water-borne chemicals. As a leading supplier in the coating industry, covestro has worked hard for many years to help downstream customer units achieve some good transformations and achieve a more sustainable development path

"Water based technology is worth looking forward to in the next decade, because the trend of environmental protection in the next decade has been very clear, and the relevant technical solutions have basically taken shape. Although they have not been fully promoted and used in the industry, representative downstream leading enterprises such as Sinorgchem have been able to use them successfully. This gives the industry a clear signal, that is, water-based coatings can be used well, and may also be customers This is the brand-new feeling and effect of water-based paint based on its unique characteristics. In the long run, water-based coatings still have some corresponding supporting problems to be solved, such as wastewater treatment, but in general, its more economical characteristics will become more prominent. " President Lu of COSCO has expressed the aspirations of many water-based technology practitioners about the industry's outlook for the next decade. The successful practice of water-based technology of Sinorgchem group has injected new blood and vitality into the industry. The coating industry and water-based special committee will continue to pay attention to the water-based dynamics of the industrial chain and capture new technological breakthroughs and application achievements

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