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Basic knowledge of commodity identification barcode

commodity identification code structure (take the common EAN-13 code as an example)

ean-13 code is composed of 13 digits. In China, the EAN-13 code is divided into three structures, and each code structure is composed of three parts, as shown in Table 1:

currently, the printed cigarette trademark adopts the structure

1, such as the fine stone forest trademark:

1. prefix code

prefix code is composed of 2-3 digits (x13x12 or x13x12:), which is the code assigned by the international article coding Association (EAN) to national (or regional) coding organizations. At present, the prefix code assigned by China is 690-695. In addition, the global yongnei prefix code 20-29 and the book prefix code 978/979 are guided and applied by various countries or regions. The prefix code does not represent the origin of the product, but only the country (or region) coding organization that allocates and manages the relevant manufacturer identification code, that is, Chinese goods can go abroad to apply for commodity code

2。 The manufacturer identification code

the manufacturer identification code (including prefix code) is composed of 7-9 digits, which is assigned and managed by the China article coding center. Since the manufacturer's identification code is uniformly assigned and registered by the China article coding center, the coding center ensures the uniqueness of each manufacturer's identification code in the world. Manufacturers with business license of enterprise legal person can apply for registration of manufacturer identification code. The handling organization is the sub center of article coding in all provinces and cities, which shall be submitted to the China article coding Center for final approval. The manufacturer identification code of China's tobacco industry is unified as 69 (11028)

3. commodity item code

the commodity item code is composed of 3-5 digits and is compiled by the manufacturer. The manufacturer must ensure the uniqueness of each commodity item code. The commodity item code of cigarette trademark is composed of 5 digits, and a total of 100000 cigarette labels can be identified

4. Check code

the check code is 1 digit, which is used to check the coding correctness of x13-x2. The check code is calculated by a certain mathematical algorithm according to the value of x13-x2:. The specific algorithm is: including the check code, the sum of the numbers on the even digits from x2 multiplied by 3, plus the sum of the numbers on the odd digits from X2, and the difference between the sum and a multiple greater than its value rounded to 10 is the check code. For example, in 1993, according to the stress (strain) cycle times when the sample breaks, it can be divided into: low cycle fatigue test, high cycle fatigue test. PVC doors and windows are semicircular locked. If the sum is 118, greater than 118 and rounded to a multiple of 10, it is 120, then 120-118=2.2 is the value of the verification code. Verification code is another insurance measure for commodity code. As long as one of the first 12 digits is wrong, the verification code will be changed accordingly, and the instrument will not recognize the barcode

commodity bar code symbol structure and representation method (EAN-13 bar code as an example) (see table III)


1. The "6" located in the left blank area is the prefix, and the five bar symbol: indicates

2. The other 12 digits are represented by the corresponding bar code symbols. Each digit occupies 7 module widths, a total of 84 modules

3. There are 3 modules for the start character and the end character, and 5 modules for the middle separator, a total of 11 modules

4. There are 11 modules in the left blank area and 7 modules in the right blank area, a total of 18 modules

5. The standard bar code is composed of 84+11+18=113 modules

6. When the amplification ratio is I.0, the width of each module is 0.33mm. If the amplification ratio is not

1.0, the width of each module =0.33x amplification ratio

symbol representation of commodity barcode

1. Commodity barcode word high-performance separation membrane is an important basic material for national energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. The symbol set includes subset a, subset B (: subset, each number is represented by different bar symbols in the regardless subset.

2. Each bar code character is composed of 2 "bars" and 2 "blanks". Each "bar" or "blank" is composed of 1 ~ 4 modules, and the total number of modules of each bar code character is 7. Binary "L" represents the module of "bar"; binary "0" represents the module of "blank": for example, the number "1" ", see Table 2 for the structure of the unasked subset.

3. When the current code setting is" 6 ", the arrangement of the last 12 digits of EAN-13 barcode according to different subsets is: ABF; Baacc-cccc, so when we carefully observe a bar code, we can find that the numbers on the left and right sides are the same, but it means that while giving full play to the function of bioplastic packaging materials, the bar symbols of a number are different

because of the above coding rules and expression methods, the bar code of goods has achieved the function of jointly identifying goods all over the world

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