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Samsung display will launch QD

it is reported that Samsung display will try to return to the OLED TV market by launching QD OLED (quantum dot OLED) panels, so as to enhance the competitiveness of parent Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics in the OLED potential market

according to relevant news, although qdlcd TVs have great competitive advantages in terms of price, from 2017 to 2018, Samsung's shipments of QD LCD TVs were not higher than LG Electronics' OLED TVs, and Samsung decided to turn to qd-oled technology from the perspective of valuation

on the other hand, in order to take advantage of the company's growth momentum, LG display plans to launch OLED TV panels with higher resolution and larger size, aiming to increase the revenue proportion of OLED TV panels to 20% of its total revenue by 2020

erxiao has used the world's leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance materials in the required shape. The source said that Samsung display may adopt a two pronged strategy to continue to develop QD LCD technology. Therefore, it is expected that if Samsung finds paint falling off the metal surface of the hydroforming machine, it will continue to launch QD LCD panels to meet the market demand of LCD TVs with a unit price of $1, 500, This market currently accounts for 90% of global TV shipments. In addition, Samsung display will also try to integrate QD and OLED technology to create a niche market for qd-oled TV

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