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Samsung Galaxy fit 2 Smart Bracelet release: 1.1-inch AMOLED screen + 3D curved screen glass

on January 18, Samsung fuselage and tail work package joint concept definition work will focus on all aspects of design needs, and released a smart Bracelet Galaxy fit 2, priced at 249 yuan, with a life span of 21 days

in terms of design, Samsung Galaxy fit 2 adopts fashionable personality, light and comfortable design, thin body and simple style to interpret the proposition of fresh and capable life

in terms of configuration, Galaxy fit uses the combination of 1.1-inch AMOLED screen and 3D curved screen glass, which not only shows a delicate atmosphere, but also makes touch operation more accurate and convenient

on one side of the screen, the brightness of Galaxy fit 2 is 450nits, so the screen content can be clearly displayed even in strong outdoor light

since 2008, the idea of non flat surface curved surface of display has been advocated, and 2D and 2.5D products have appeared on the market. After the iPhone founder jabers conceived the development blueprint of 3D curved glass, the development trend has been started. Manufacturers have successively invested in the research and development of various molding technologies for 3D products, and large material manufacturers such as Corning in the United States, Schott in Germany, neg in Japan, AGC in Japan have also successively developed glass materials suitable for molding, Constantly improve the glass hardness, scratch resistance and other fragile problems. The characteristics of 3D curved glass meet the design requirements of 3C products. 3C product design, such as smart, tablet computers, smart watches and other wearable smart products, dashboard and other 3D modeling products have emerged in succession, which has clearly guided the development direction of 3D curved glass

curved glass forming is a category of thermal processing. To ensure that the glass surface is crystal clear is a high-level technology, which requires investment and considerable experience to overcome the bottleneck, The efforts made by major factories over the years are now 5 "The following products appear, mostly portable products. They are developing towards large-size and diversified products and are actively preparing for mass production, especially Taiwanese manufacturers. Facing the ten times faster development demand of mobile Internet terminals, 3D curved glass has great business opportunities.

3D curved glass has the advantages of light and thin, transparent and clean, anti fingerprint, anti glare, hardness, scratch resistance, good weather resistance, and can be molded into 3D multi shapes The appearance has a special product design, with good novelty and texture. It can also increase the touch function of the arc edge, bring excellent touch feel and wireless charging function, and can solve the lack of antenna layout space and enhance the receiving function, so that the product can be converted into a crack, which is beautiful, and the product design differentiation makes consumers more favored

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