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Samsung admitted its failure in the Chinese market and placed its hopes on folding

as a leading global smart brand, Samsung has to admit its failure in the Chinese market even though it has a dazzling market share. In Samsung's view, what is the reason for its failure in China, the world's most important smart market

according to foreign media reports, DJ Koh, head of Samsung's mobile business, generously admitted in a media interview that Samsung was a failure in the Chinese market. As for the reason, Gao Dongzhen himself attributed it to mid-range intelligence. Gao Dongzhen believes that Samsung Galaxy a and J series are even more important means to improve Sinopec's competitiveness. Neither technological innovation nor price can match Chinese competitors such as Huawei Xiaomi

although the mid-range market failed, Gao Dongzhen made it clear that he would not focus on the business strategy of selling cheap equipment in the future. Gao Dongzhen believes that it is too late for Samsung to focus on low-cost intelligence for a long time, so he places his hope of breaking through on the Samsung S10 and collapsible screen models that will be launched next year

in fact, Samsung's failure in the Chinese market has long been an indisputable fact. According to the latest data, in the past third quarter, Samsung only delivered 600000 pieces of aluminum in the Chinese market. In fact, in the Chinese market, we finally summarized a set of harmonious solutions: how to better obtain the precise data in the process of the experiment under the condition of ensuring the personal safety of the experimental operators? Our equipment design is more reasonable, safer, more reliable and more precise, and our share fell to 1%. In addition, due to the sluggish sales of Samsung in the third quarter, Samsung Electronics lowered its annual expected shipment to 3million units this year

as a leading manufacturer in the world, Samsung's performance in the Chinese market is really disappointing. Fundamentally, the most important thing is Samsung's products themselves. The Samsung Galaxy Note7, launched in 2016, had an extremely adverse impact on the domestic market due to the explosion and spontaneous combustion. After that, although Samsung still adheres to the dual flagship product strategy, there has never been a masterpiece that can amaze the market, so that Samsung's image and reputation in the Chinese market have deteriorated

more importantly, while Samsung gradually lost, Yihua increased its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process; Chinese manufacturers represented by Wei and Xiaomi have risen rapidly, gradually devouring Samsung's original market share, so that the current domestic market is basically dominated by Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo and apple. What worries people is that if Samsung does not seize the time to rebound now, it is likely to become the next Nokia and will eventually have to fade out of the stage of history

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