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Yuchai: Yan Ping went to Gaoshan village to carry out the evaluation activities for excellence

Yuchai: Yan Ping went to Gaoshan village to carry out the evaluation activities for excellence

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Guide: on the morning of December 24, yanpingshen, vice chairman of Yulin CPPCC and Secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai group company, went to the contact point Gaoshan village Party branch, Chengbei street, Yulin city to carry out the evaluation activities for excellence. Yulin city creates the first to strive for excellence office, municipal co - organizers, Municipal Transportation Bureau leaders, Yuzhou District CPPCC, organization department and relevant departments

on the morning of December 24, Yanping, vice chairman of Yulin Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai group, went deep into the contact point - the Party branch of Gaoshan village, Chengbei street, Yulin city to carry out the activity of creating excellence. Leaders of the Yulin Municipal Office for excellence, the municipal co organizing committee, the Yulin Municipal Transportation Bureau, leaders of the Yuzhou District CPPCC, the organization department and relevant departments, as well as leaders of the Yuchai trade union and the Discipline Inspection Commission participated in the evaluation activities

mu anqiang, Secretary of Gaoshan village Party branch, reported to Yanping and his party on the implementation of the activity of striving for excellence. Gaoshan village, located in the middle of Chengbei street, Yuzhou District, Yulin City, is known as "a famous historical and cultural village". The village covers an area of 4.5 square kilometers, has a population of 3900, and has 67 party members. The village Party branch, with the theme of "innovation and activation, double leading as an example", led the majority of Party members to make a scientific commitment based on reality, so as to effectively achieve "good commitment, good practice and good results". The village Party branch has made 12 commitments, 11 of which have been fulfilled, with a fulfillment rate of 91.6%. There were 120 commitments made by Party members, 97 of which had been fulfilled, and the compliance rate reached 80.06%

Yanping (the third from the left of the rostrum) commented on the activities of creating excellence in Gaoshan village. The activities of creating excellence have enabled Gaoshan village to achieve good development: first, Party building has been further strengthened, the progressiveness of Party members has been fully reflected, and the cohesion and appeal of the party have been further enhanced. Second, the villagers' living standards have been improved, their living conditions have been continuously improved, and their income has been increasing. The per capita cash income of the villagers has increased by 200 yuan over the same period last year. Third, the environment is more beautiful, the village appearance has been greatly improved, and a new harmonious and civilized countryside with modern residential buildings, ancient dwellings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and beautiful mountains and waters has begun to take shape

Yan Ping fully affirmed the effectiveness of the activity of striving for excellence in Gaoshan village. In his comments, he said that the activities of creating excellence in Gaoshan village have measures, characteristics and effects. First, the organization has strong planning, and pays attention to giving play to the exemplary leading role of the Party branch and the main role of the masses. The "squad leader effect" is obvious, which has promoted the in-depth development of the activities of creating excellence. Second, the activity carrier is clear. The Party branch can combine the activity of striving for excellence with the promotion of various work. With the theme of "innovation activation and two leading roles" and the carrier of "building a new mountain through one innovation and two striving", the Party branch pays close attention to the implementation of various work tasks and accelerates the construction of a new socialist countryside. Third, they dare to make public commitments. All Party members and cadres take the initiative to clarify their identities and responsibilities, put forward the personal commitment of striving for excellence, and truly keep their words and deeds under the supervision of the masses. Fourth, the activities have achieved remarkable results, effectively promoted the development of local production, further strengthened the party building, improved the living standards of villagers, continuously improved the living conditions of villagers, and made the environment more beautiful. In particular, they have made outstanding achievements in leading and striving for excellence with advanced models, promoting and striving for excellence with solid work, taking the road of strengthening the village with characteristic cultural tourism economy, and building a famous historical and cultural tourism village

Yan Ping (second from the right) listened to the report while visiting the publicity corridor of the party members' direct stripping fixture) and other promise

Yan Ping also put forward requirements for the pioneering activities in Gaoshan village, such as Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba, which have invested a lot of money and manpower in the basic research, utilization and development of graphene: first, we should keep pace with the times and guide the pioneering activities with scientific theories; Second, we should highlight the implementation of the promise, and use effective measures to promote the activities of striving for excellence; Third, we should go deep into the masses, build a good image with a good style and highlight the advanced

Yan Ping greatly appreciated the education of Gaoshan village. He said that the folk custom of "advocating learning and respecting learning" in Gaoshan village is very good. Since ancient times, many top scholars have emerged. The 5000 year old fine tradition of the Chinese nation - continuous learning through self-improvement has gained a good body here. In 2003, Gaoshan village was elected the 59th Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey. After fully understanding the actual situation in the village, Yanping promised to help the village promote the construction of the Gaoshan village cultural center and subsidize 100000 yuan to transform the greening environment of the teaching building of Gaoshan primary school

the villagers of Gaoshan village thanked Yan Ping with warm applause for his support for the cultural construction of Gaoshan village. Mouanqiang said that the village committee will better perform its duties of serving the villagers, increase efforts, do a solid job in the implementation of rectification, work hard, constantly strengthen and improve the construction of village Party branches, strive to build Gaoshan village into a harmonious new countryside, and lead the people to the road of prosperity and happiness

Yan Ping and his delegation also visited the propaganda corridor and urban and rural landscape lighting project promised by Party members in Gaoshan village

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