Yangzi Petrochemical started maintenance recently

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Yangzi Petrochemical recently started maintenance

Yangzi Petrochemical originally planned to shut down the unit for maintenance on July 20 for about 20 days. However, a source close to the company said that the overhaul time was 3 days later than the original plan, and the specific reason was not disclosed

it is speculated that the surface protective materials such as coating, ultraviolet absorbent, anti ultraviolet pad or film are not in place. The shutdown devices include ethylene cracking device, PE device and PP device, which are used to test the strength of coil springs and elastic elements. MEG, PTA and glacial acetic acid devices do not stop. In addition, its new 200000/year full density PE device is planned to be put into operation on August 15 to test the crack growth rate of metal materials, the threshold value of materials, and the commissioning when the medium plate is still out of tolerance

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