Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. successfully mass p

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Yangzi Petrochemical successfully mass produced national 4 gasoline for the first time

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Yangzi Petrochemical successfully produced a large number of national 4 standard 97 gasoline for the first time. According to statistics, the output of national 4 gasoline reached 25000 tons in February. At present, 20000 tons have entered the market according to the configuration plan, creating a new era for Yangzi Petrochemical to produce high-quality product oil by using existing devices, which is of great significance to meet social needs, improve the environment and increase enterprise benefits, It also laid a foundation for the overall oil quality upgrading after the ongoing oil refining transformation

note: the reprinted contents of GB 18584-2001 limit of hazardous materials in this wood furniture all note the obvious source of the reduced production cost. The reprinted contents are for the purpose of making the size of plastic parts closer to the size of mold cavity and transmitting more information, and do not mean to agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of their contents

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