Yangzi Petrochemical strives to be the largest and

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Yangzi Petrochemical strives to be the largest and best butadiene producer

as of November 28, the butadiene output of Yangzi Petrochemical olefin plant has exceeded 176000 tons, and the annual production task has been completed one month ahead of schedule. It is expected that the annual butadiene output will reach 186000 tons, and the average premium rate of butadiene will exceed 99%, creating the best level in history and the advanced level in the industry

since Yangzi Petrochemical's No. 3 butadiene unit was completed and put into operation in April 2008, Yangzi Petrochemical has become one of the largest butadiene production bases in China, with butadiene output ranking first in China for two consecutive years and first in Sinopec for five consecutive years. Since March this year, due to the shutdown and maintenance of some domestic butadiene units and the increasing demand for synthetic rubber, the domestic butadiene price has been rising all the way. At the highest time, the price per ton of butadiene reached 30000 yuan

therefore, Yangzi Petrochemical olefin plant firmly seized the market opportunity, gave full play to the scale advantage of the unit, and maintained the high load production of each butadiene unit. In order to ensure the high and stable production of the unit, the olefin plant organized technical personnel from various professional departments such as process, equipment, electrical instrument, etc. to conduct a comprehensive survey on the important systems and key equipment of each butadiene unit, carry out special treatment on the key machines, pumps, compressors and other important equipment with hidden dangers, overhaul the important heat exchangers in each unit area one by one, and ensure that the 220V AC +/⑴ 0% 50/60hz heat exchange effect of the equipment is good, It lays a foundation for high load production

in the activity of "serving the public and striving for excellence in order to carry out impact experiments on metal materials", the butadiene workshop implemented the "Party member contracting system", contracted various sets of butadiene units, and the Party member team provided special operation protection for the compressor; At the same time, the workshop has carried out "three rate assessment competition", "hidden danger search competition", "energy saving and consumption reduction competition" and other labor competitions among various units. Excellent operators are selected every month for reward and publicity, effectively improving the work enthusiasm of employees and the operation level of the unit. The workshop also contacted scientific research institutes to improve the process flow and implement technical transformation and measures such as tail gas recovery, so as to reduce the emission loss of the unit and effectively improve the product yield

in order to improve the rate of butadiene high-grade products, the workshop and two technicians on the post signed a technical breakthrough agreement to find the best process parameters according to the operating conditions of each unit. At the same time, drawing on the successful experience of brother units, the chromatographic system was introduced to scientifically and accurately analyze the quality of butadiene products. The real-time monitoring of butadiene erhuafeng spandex (002064) was implemented on the panoramic interactive platform on Tuesday, effectively improving the product quality. Yangzi butadiene products have won the title of famous brand products in Nanjing and Jiangsu Province for many times. Since 1989, Yangzi butadiene products have been exposed on bare tubes due to air saturation at home, province and city, and the qualified rate of spot inspection has reached 100%

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