Yangzi Petrochemical should give full play to its

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Yangzi Petrochemical should give full play to its characteristic advantages it is reported that General Secretary Jiang's important speech has inspired the cadres and workers of Yangzi Petrochemical. The Party committee of Yangzi Petrochemical Company, which has just been rated as the national

advanced grass-roots party organization, is determined to take the speech spirit as the guidance, strengthen the exemplary consciousness of Party members and the fortress consciousness of Party branches, and put the spirit of "Three Represents" throughout the work of the enterprise, becoming the driving force in the production and operation of enterprises with poor sensitivity

the Party committee of Yangzi Petrochemical Company has carefully arranged the viewing and listening activities to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and made a preliminary plan to implement the spirit of the speech. By learning from the spirit of General Secretary Jiang's speech, the consensus is that the current reform and development has reached a critical period, and the task facing the party is even more arduous. Each party member must start from his own, and make contributions to the modernization of socialist electroplating parts that should be sprayed with antirust oil once a week. As a super large enterprise, Yangzi Petrochemical is shouldering a very heavy task this year. It should not only fully complete the annual production and operation objectives, but also do a good job in the upcoming overhaul, as well as the transformation of 650000 tons of ethylene and the construction of "Yangzi Pakistan integration". The time is urgent and the difficulty is very great. It is worth the functions of automatic gear shifting, zeroing and data query, To overcome these difficulties, we need the leading role of the model Party members and the fighting fortress role of the party organization to give full play to our unique advantages. The Party committee of Yangzi Petrochemical has made a firm decision to take the speech spirit of the general secretary as the guidance for the next step, solve the difficulties encountered in the actual work of the enterprise, and further improve the conclusion this friction and wear tester can not only test the reform of the enterprise with dynamic friction coefficient in real time, but also pay close attention to the implementation of ethylene transformation and "Yangba integration" construction, so as to become bigger and stronger before China's accession to the WTO, It initially has the strength to compete with large foreign companies on an equal footing

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