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Plant love in the hearts of employees -- the record of the Party committee of Yangquan Valve Co., Ltd. strengthening the ideological and political work of enterprises there is such an enterprise in our city. Their products are widely used in metallurgy, coking, nuclear power, chemical industry, urban construction and other national key projects, and exported to Pakistan, Russia, India, the United States and other countries, so that "Yangquan manufacturing" can go out of Shanxi and abroad. This enterprise is the City Valve Co., Ltd

there is an enterprise in our city, whose products are widely used in national key projects such as metallurgy, coking, nuclear power, chemical industry and urban construction, and exported to Pakistan, Russia, India, the United States and other countries, so that "Yangquan manufacturing" can go out of Shanxi and abroad. This enterprise is the City Valve Co., Ltd

as a key state-owned enterprise in our city, over the years, based on the fact that ideological and political work is the lifeline of all work of state-owned enterprises, the municipal valve company has always integrated ideological and political work into the daily management of the enterprise, adhered to the employee oriented development concept, continuously strengthened the political awareness, ideological understanding and comprehensive quality of the workers, condensed the hearts of the people, shaped the image, and developed and expanded. Now, under the leadership of the company's Party committee, the employees are eager to make progress and full of energy. They are closer to each other in their work, improve their ability in competition, and always feel that the factory is like home

rallying people's hearts in difficulties

City Valve Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise and gate valve production base designated by the state to produce low-pressure and large-diameter valves with a history of 96 years. In 1955, it was a public-private joint venture. In 1994, it was restructured from Yangquan City valve factory into Yangquan Valve Co., Ltd., mainly producing more than 100 series and more than 1300 specifications of gate valves, butterfly valves, gas valves, check valves, metallurgical valves, etc, Among them, 58 series have filled the national gap, and 10 series have reached the world advanced level

is such a key enterprise. The valve company was also in trouble in 2008. However, the company did not panic. All the employees thought and worked together, shared the same fate with the company, and successfully weathered the difficulties. "This is also due to the strengthening of enterprise ideological and political work." The person in charge of the company said

during the work, the valve company actively took measures according to the characteristics of the enterprise's economic development and ideological and political work, timely held meetings of the company's leadership, middle-level, Party member and employee representatives, team leaders and all employees, unified their thinking, faced up to difficulties, strengthened their confidence and made concerted efforts. The leaders of the company loudly put forward the business philosophy of "not letting an employee be laid off and not letting an employee have no food", bravely undertook the social, enterprise and family, rallied people's hearts and overcome difficulties. During that time, the valve company not only got out of the difficulties brought about by the financial crisis, but also created the best performance in the history of major economic indicators

in recent years, facing the severe situation of economic downturn and the pressure of environmental protection and other practical tests, the valve company is still confident. After sizing up the situation, it has adopted new economic strategies and new methods and measures for enterprise ideological and political work. It has also achieved relatively good results by adhering to the principle of focusing on employees and making concerted efforts. As of 2017, the "three stabilities" of enterprise operation, workforce and employee income have been ensured. Employees' pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance have been paid in full. The enterprise has developed steadily through trials and tribulations

shaping corporate image with humanistic thoughts

in practice and exploration, the valve company has gradually formed a consensus that people-oriented is the purpose and essence of Ideological and political work and the source of strength to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the masses

to this end, the valve company has carried out ideological and political work in all aspects and links of unit management and staff life, forming an operating mechanism of full participation and overlapping subjects. The ideological and political work network system of the enterprise has been established and continuously improved. There is a political work team combining full-time and part-time work, an assessment system combining responsibility, power and benefit, and a people-oriented operation mechanism. From the company to all factories, departments and teams, ideological and political work has a fresh life. They use innovative thinking, provide solutions within eight hours and advance thinking to timely capture the information of Ideological and political work, Solve employees' ideological problems, resolve contradictions, straighten out emotions and stimulate enthusiasm

over the years, the valve company has insisted on sending cakes and blessings to employees celebrating their birthdays; Leaders at all levels will personally visit employees who are ill; When the staff have difficulties in life, the cadre Association will send care and warmth to them in time... The people-oriented humanistic feelings have greatly stimulated the staff's strong work enthusiasm and labor drive. There are many examples of catching up with tasks, exceeding working hours, working selflessly and striving hard. Outstanding employees, outstanding Party members and model workers are showing their style. With the concerted efforts of the staff, the company has built a great wall of steel and become a strong driving force for the development of the enterprise. The monthly output value of the enterprise reached 9.6 million yuan at the highest time, and reached "100 million yuan" annually. In 2011, there was a problem in the capital chain of the valve company. It planned to borrow 400000 yuan from the employees to purchase raw materials. As soon as the notice was issued, the employees actively participated in it and raised the payment for goods in less than half an hour

in order to make the ideological and political work more targeted, the valve company distinguishes the ideological status of employees at different levels. The leverage mechanism adopts the welded square box structure to do everyone's ideological and political work well. The company has established four different levels of Ideological and political work system, including the Leadership Center Group, middle-level cadres, Department staff and team workers. The learning content, learning methods and centralized training time are reasonably arranged, and the effect is obvious. In August, 2013, the valve company cooperated with Pingding Yuchang company to implement casting relocation and casting outreach. As Yuchang company adopts a new modern resin sand casting process, only 36 employees are required, while the number of employees in the foundry of the valve company reaches 120. How to settle the remaining 84 employees has become a big problem. To this end, the valve company adopted specific ideological and political work methods for different skills, different posts and different personnel, and raised more than 800000 yuan to carry out job transfer training for foundry workers, so as to achieve a smooth transition of products and teams and the stability and unity of the enterprise. In the meantime, the corresponding management departments of Heyang Valve Co., Ltd. lacked coordination mechanism. Spring TV Station shot the documentary "the last foundry", which was broadcast on the record channel of CCTV, causing wide repercussions

using various means to stimulate the strength of employees

carrying out positive publicity in a reasonable manner and creating a public opinion momentum with great fanfare is a basic method of Ideological and political work

in combination with the new characteristics of the new era, the valve company has changed the way and method of Ideological and political work, put people first, vigorously promoted the spirit of model workers and artisans, held a "report meeting on the advanced deeds of model workers and gold medal workers", and paid allowances to model workers and gold medal workers every month. From thought to action, the workers have seen the new situation and new hope, and the industrial workers are more proud and confident. The first municipal model worker Innovation Studio was established in the system of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the city to encourage employees to achieve innovative development. Among them, the two projects of "upgrading the gas water seal valve from soft sealing structure to hard sealing structure" and "low pressure large diameter thin-walled cast steel gate valve" won the third prize for outstanding achievements in the provincial "five small" competition. The project leaders liangzhibao and zhaoaihua won the second prize in the province; Zhaoaihua, leader of model worker Innovation Studio, was rated as "top ten outstanding female employees of Yangquan City" by the Municipal Federation of trade unions

implement the double publicity of party affairs and enterprise affairs, and make public the sensitive issues of employees such as assessment and distribution, employee income, reform policies and "three important and one big" issues every quarter, so that cadres and employees can know the operation and affairs of the enterprise, give full play to the supervision role of employees, and ensure the healthy development of the enterprise. Establish an ideological and political work operation station and platform, so that cadres and workers can actively participate in the discussion of the company's various business policies, enterprise affairs and management methods, collide ideas and form a consensus

carry out a wide range of distinctive mass cultural and educational activities, and set the May of each year as the "love the company" activity month, organize cadres and workers to carry out education on the core values of collectivism, patriotism and socialism, and enhance the enthusiasm and drive of employees to love their jobs, work hard and contribute. Since the "love company" activity month was held, the completion of various economic and technical indicators in that month has been the best in the whole year. The "love company" activity has become a major feature of innovative ideological and political work in enterprises. Actively organize and carry out cultural and recreational activities such as art concerts, singing competitions, staff fun games and red base education, and integrate ideological education into recreational activities, fully highlighting the timeliness and positive energy

it is the deepening of employees' awareness of love for the factory that enables enterprises to solve business problems, overcome technical difficulties, and promote the better and faster development of enterprises. (Guo Yun at present)

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