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As we all know, the price of each product will be more or less affected by its own factors or external factors. The same product, even with the same materials, will also be different due to its brand, workmanship, sales area and other factors

as we all know, the price of each product is more or less affected by its own factors or external factors. The same product, even if it uses the same materials, will be different due to its brand, workmanship, sales area and other factors. Stainless steel doors are the same. There are many factors that affect the price difference of stainless steel doors

stainless steel door is a relatively common category, because it has the advantages of rust free, durable, strong anti-theft performance and so on, it is often used as an entry door and anti-theft door. However, many consumers will find that different manufacturers have different prices for the same style of stainless steel doors. For the situation that the prices in the market are different, both consumers and dealers want to know the factors that affect the price differences of stainless steel doors. To solve this problem, the following editor will explain to you:

1. Plate

stainless steel doors are made of stainless steel plates. There are mainly two kinds of stainless steel plates: 201 plate and 304 plate. 201 plate is domestic plate, 304 plate is imported plate, and the performance of 304 plate is stronger than 201 plate, so the price is relatively expensive. If divided by color, there are mainly two kinds: ordinary stainless steel plate and colored stainless steel plate. Colored stainless steel has more metallic luster and strength than ordinary stainless steel, and it is colorful and durable. The price is more expensive than ordinary stainless steel

2. Brand

the prices of stainless steel doors of different brands also have certain differences. The popularity, reputation and popularity of the brand reflect the self-worth of the brand. Buying brand stainless steel doors can not only ensure quality, but also enjoy its added value, such as after-sales service. Foshan stainless steel door brand recommendation: Shengwang, Longshu, Ronggao, jindatian, etc

3. Style

there are many styles of stainless steel doors, and different manufacturers have different styles

4, size

stainless steel doors can be divided into single door, double door, child mother door, four door, etc. the larger the size, the more expensive

5, door flowers

generally, stainless steel doors will have door flowers as decoration. Some stainless steel door factories produce door flowers themselves, and some cooperate with door flower factories. The manufacturing process of door flowers is complex and the process is different, so the price difference will be relatively large

6. Other accessories

door accessories mainly include locks and glass. Locks have ordinary locks and intelligent fingerprint locks, and glass has ordinary glass, tempered glass and coated glass. The prices of locks and glass produced by different manufacturers are different

7. Processing fee

the production process of each stainless steel door factory is different. In addition, the craftsmanship of each master is different, and the products produced are also different

8. Other

the above is about the factors that affect the price difference of stainless steel doors. When choosing stainless steel doors, you'd better choose some well-known brands and manufacturers with high reputation, so that you can get good after-sales service while ensuring quality

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