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The bathroom decoration usually needs to consider cleanliness, comfort and freshness. Especially for small toilets, the unsmooth air will lead to the unpleasant smell in the bathroom. How to decorate the small bathroom with style, so as not to affect cleanliness and comfort because of its small area? Xiaobian has sorted out a group of effect drawings of small bathroom decoration. Let's study together

effect drawing of small bathroom decoration 1:

editor's comment: Green originally gives people a fresh feeling. Of course, the bathroom paved with green tiles looks more refreshing. Using green for small bathroom decoration is a foolproof and effective practice

small bathroom decoration effect drawing 2:

editor's comments: black and white square tiles can also make the bathroom look very clean, black and white, and it is much easier to take care of compared with white tiles

effect picture of small bathroom decoration 3:

editor's comments: Mediterranean blue is also a good choice as the tone of bathroom decoration, such as the blue of the sky, which gives people relaxed, light and comfortable enjoyment

small bathroom decoration effect figure 4:

editor's comments: log color is a natural environmental protection color, giving people a pure sense of nature. Using log color cabinets with white tiles, this decoration effect is absolutely beautiful and flawless

effect drawing of small bathroom decoration 5:

editor's comments: coffee color with Decor tiles, a retro style, such a bathroom looks more classy and tasteful, and the tenderness of petty bourgeoisie style is diffused in the air

effect picture of small bathroom decoration 6:

editor's comment: this blue and cyan tone is brighter than sky blue, but it is much more fashionable. If you like smart colors, you might as well try this bathroom decoration

effect drawing of small bathroom decoration 7:

editor's comments: milky white is a warm color that girls can't refuse, and there is a pure and transparent fantasy and imagination, so how to dislike fancy colors in small bathroom decoration, milky white can definitely be trusted

effect drawing of small bathroom decoration 8:

editor's comments: some people naturally love gorgeous colors and must be very high-profile. Then your bathroom can be decorated in this way. The fiery red scarlet is jubilant, which also represents a fashionable enthusiasm

effect drawing of small bathroom decoration 9:

editor's comments: due to limited space, the small bathroom may be messy if the arrangement is unreasonable. Learn the decoration practice of the bathroom in the figure. The bookshelf on the wall gives books a place to live, which is very practical, right

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