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On August 9, 2018, the 2018 Yaxiu wallcovering new product training meeting of "new vision? To ingenuity" was successfully concluded in ruilex Hotel (Xiaoshan store)

show team style

"Yaxiu" is an upgraded product of the "yabisi" brand, and "yabisi" is the predecessor of "Yaxiu". With the melodious sound of violin, Yaxiu team brought a carefully prepared chorus performance - "prayer of jabis". The six minute affectionate chorus infected everyone present. "May you bless me, expand my realm, and always be with me. Bless me from adversity and hardship, and hide me in your heart." The harmonious accompaniment and warm atmosphere express Yaxiu's welcome to the guests, gratitude to Yaxiu's "family" and gratitude to life. With love, we can go further. Walking with you is my reason to go on

stimulate the enthusiasm of students

the new product training held by Yaxiu is not only a centralized display and stunning appearance of new products, but also an internal training meeting for self-improvement and deepening knowledge structure. The students wore neat and uniform uniforms, and the scene was full. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the students, Yaxiu specially implemented the new mode of integral system this time, set the first, second and third prizes, and prepared rich gifts for the students

during the teaching, the students were enthusiastic and asked questions actively, forming a good learning atmosphere. There are frequent interactions between tutors and students, and teaching and learning benefit each other. Through learning, the students not only have a new understanding of the company's policies and new products, but also master new marketing skills and wall covering knowledge, which can be said to benefit a lot

highlight brand influence

in the information age, data is king. Whoever can master the end consumers will win the market. At the invitation of the host, representatives of the top ten brand wallcovering network came to the stage to introduce the status of the website at the C end? How to use big data to reflect the influence of major brands of Wallcovering on the terminal

judging from the ten-year development performance of the wall fabric industry, the future of the wall fabric industry is immeasurable. Yaxiu wall cloth has won one of the top ten wall cloth brands in the network every year, and it is really a wall cloth brand close to the people at the terminal. At the event site, the representative of China wallcovering network presented a medal to President Wang of Yaxiu wallcovering. Only terminal love is an important basis for evaluating a brand

upgrade aesthetic experience

how can we make the changeable collocation produce a constant aesthetic feeling? This is the core appeal of this season's Yaxiu soft clothing plan. Yaxiu hopes to jump out of the single piece and try to emphasize the sense of series and different collocations with prominent styles. At the same time, based on the high matching index between the basic models, Yaxiu hopes to guide customers to stimulate their inspiration and imagination for the room through effective matching guidance, so as to form an effective interaction between the brand and consumers in the aesthetic way

policy marketing analysis

at the invitation of the host, Zhao Bin, Yaxiu's sales director, made a detailed and in-depth interpretation of policy interpretation and policy marketing. In his speech, Zhao Bin analyzed the importance of team building. An excellent team is the cornerstone of enterprise development and the foundation of enterprise operation. It is not difficult to recruit and retain people. No matter enterprises or stores, they must cultivate a group of employees with high loyalty. Zhao Bin proposed in his speech that reasonable salary is the second, and the potential of the platform and working atmosphere are the important assessment standards. It is particularly important for enterprises or stores to allocate their strengths reasonably and cultivate employees' independent execution ability. Only by starting the talent cultivation and retention mechanism and letting each employee perform his or her own duties, can we truly make the best use of people and materials

help enterprise development

as the final link of this activity, the customer sales Lingyun award ceremony detonated the atmosphere on the scene. The purpose of Yaxiu's award is to reward 16 franchised stores with good sales from March 12 to July 15, 2018. Good customer sales is the best driving force for the development of enterprises. Good enterprises provide not only high-quality wall fabric products, but also good platforms

it is this excellent and incisive teacher that helps Yaxiu open up new territory and move from excellence to brilliance. It was this tiger wolf division that helped Yaxiu move forward and quickly and firmly occupy the wall cloth market. We are looking forward to the birth of the next sales champion and the birth of the next Yaxiu legend

2018, Yaxiu will meet new challenges with new products. Realize a new leap with new technology




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