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Don't bargain. Now the artificial asking price and decoration material price of decoration are too big. The quotation of decoration company is even more cloudy. But bargain too much. I'm afraid that the decoration company will cut corners on work and materials, and even some workers will secretly do bad things. Mr. Yang, who is preparing to decorate, has been struggling recently

he told reporters that his decoration budget was limited, and he could only expect to save some decoration costs. However, an incident happened to his friend last year, which made him somewhat palpitating. To what extent can decoration bargaining save money without leaving hidden dangers in the future

◆ the price was haggled fiercely, and the workers hid chicken racks under the floor.

Mr. Yang's friend negotiated with the decoration company for several times last year. In the end, he did get a lot of concessions, but it may be that the profit of the decoration company was too low, which reduced the cost to the decoration workers. During the construction, the workers were always reluctant, and there were several disputes during the construction. Finally, although the decoration company coordinated and solved it, the whole process was still very unpleasant

it was not easy to finish the project. After ventilation for three months, the family moved into their new house happily. But after living for a period of time, Mr. Yang's friends always felt that there was a strange smell at home. They checked the drainage facilities in the kitchen and bathroom and found no problems. After cleaning the house thoroughly again, the smell still lingers. Finally, the whole family found that the smell came from under the floor. There was no way, Mr. Yang's friend had to hold back his heartache, opened two pieces of the newly paved floor, and took a photo with a flashlight. It was full of leftover steamed buns, chewed chicken racks and other garbage, which had become moldy and smelly inside

Mr. Yang said that his friend angrily found the decoration company, but the other party also innocently said that most of the workers were temporarily recruited, and now they have quit, so they can only send other workers to deal with it

◆ bargain on decoration, like buying vegetables in the vegetable market

it is understood that in the first half of last year, affected by rising raw materials, transportation and labor costs, the prices of furniture, building materials and decoration workers tended to rise, with an average increase of 10%— About 15%. A person in charge of a home decoration company calculated an account for the reporter. Even if the impact of the rent rise was ignored, the cost of the home decoration company this year was at least 10% higher than last year due to the rise in the prices of furniture, building materials and labor & mdash; About 15%

while encountering the pressure of rising costs, they are lowering the decoration price to save money, which makes many decoration companies become very headache. Now everything is rising, but customers are reluctant to add more to the cost of home decoration. Manager Qian of a home decoration company complained to reporters that since this year, customers with a decoration budget of 50000 to 80000 yuan have increased a lot compared with last year. Although the company is unwilling to lose customers and try to make profits, there are still cases where customers bargain too hard and cannot sign a contract





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