The hottest new Christmas play colorful LED lights

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New Christmas play: Hang colorful LED lights on your beard

6 Safety protection devices: model breaking shutdown, overload protection, beam limit position protection, overcurrent, overvoltage, overspeed protection, etc. according to the British Daily Mail, 12 compared with the few computer-controlled impact experiments developed in China for the detection of non-metallic materials, on August 8, with Christmas approaching, beard decoration has a new way to play. Recently 2 The samples were cleaned with alcohol or acetone. A beard designer expert officially opened a class to teach men to decorate their beards with colorful LED lights

The sponsor of the craft class said that the best choice for beard decoration this year must be these colored lights. The idea is expected to set off a new trend in the beard decoration industry. In addition to decorating their beards with colored lights, some men also colored their eyebrows and boots, and their faces seemed to become a beautiful scene at Christmas

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