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New concept of hose packaging

in people's impression, glass bottles are the only choice for packaging peanut butter or jam products. The well-known food brand sijibao of Unilever innovatively uses hose packaging, leading to a new concept of peanut butter product packaging

sijibao peanut Junior is one of the packages specially designed for children. This package will be sealed on four sides with beautifully printed plastic materials. At the same time, the product is also designed with a tear notch on the top of one end of the four side sealed bag to facilitate customers to squeeze out food. Compared with traditional glass packaging, the advantages of this new packaging are self-evident: light weight, convenient to carry 3 Pin disc: it is composed of a pin and disc and can be used at any time; The printing is more exquisite, achieving better shelf display effect to attract customers' attention

Unilever has launched two different types of peanut butter products in the market at present: peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter with hardness above cream are only commonly used. This 25g (0.9 oz) hose like bag is packed and is very convenient to carry and sell. Every 6 bags can be sold in a multi-color printed folding carton. The existing equipment in Unilever's Georgia plant is producing this product, and the product is also being sold in three regions of reifenhuser in the United States with the theme of rethinking

the second innovative package of sijibao is named squeeze it. This product is packed in plastic hose, with a unique wave shape on the top and a pop-up cover on the bottom, which is convenient for packaging and can stand upright on the shelf. This reduces the viscosity of the oil. For the first time, the hose selected by many jelly and daily chemical product manufacturers has been used in the packaging of peanut butter products. Customers can easily squeeze the products out for consumption through the hole design in the packaging cover. The sealing of this kind of packaging also has the function of theft display. The hose is wrapped with a pressure-sensitive label

Unilever believes that this packaged peanut butter snack meets the needs of customers. Sijibao selects six bags of outer packaging cartons for products with a total net weight of 5.4 ounces, with a total net weight of 5.3 ounces (150g), which better protects the quality of products. At the same time, the cost is the same as the glass bottle packaging of 18 ounce sijibao peanut butter products, both of which are $2.50, which does not increase the production cost

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