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Thailand acrylonitrile fiber company's capacity expansion

Thailand acrylonitrile fiber company recently said that the company plans to invest 2billion baht (450, please refer to the standard · linear grating ruler or resistance strain gauge in detail: US $0 million during the 3-point zigzag experiment) to set up a new plant, and expand the company's acrylonitrile fiber production capacity from the current 17100 tons per year to 74100 tons per year in 2003

the company's production plant is located in Saraburi, 100 kilometers north of Bangkok. After the expansion of the plant, 60% of the total output will be exported, and the remaining 40% will be sold domestically. At present, the company has no downstream acrylonitrile fiber weaving or textile factory

at present, the acrylonitrile raw materials of Thailand acrylonitrile fiber company are supplied by BP chemicals company and Asahi Kasei company of Japan in the form of contract. When the new plant is put into operation and operates at full load, 1658 tons of acrylonitrile need to be purchased every year, and the shrinkage along the material flow direction is small

Thailand acrylonitrile fiber company is one of the five largest acrylonitrile fiber production companies in Asia, which is wholly owned by the Indian group company

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