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Cao Dewang, who rewrites the development process of China's automotive glass industry, won the unanimous praise of the judges at the Ernst & Young Global Entrepreneur selection conference held in Monte Carlo, Monaco on May 30 this year. Cao Dewang, chairman of Fuyao Group, who participated on behalf of Greater China, stood out from 43 entrepreneurs worldwide and won the highest honor of the Ernst & Young Global Entrepreneur Award

award winner Mr. caodewang recently received an exclusive interview with the author in a private villa in Fuzhou

On May 30, 2009, Monte Carlo, the smallest and richest principality of Monaco in the world, gathered candidates from 43 countries around the world. They stood out from the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of various countries, and looked forward to the lucky god of the global grand prize coming to them

at 12 p.m. local time, the roof of a Grand Theater on the Mediterranean coast of Monte Carlo slowly opened. Through the surrounding glass curtain wall, the Monaco Grand Theater was integrated with the brilliant fireworks decorated Mediterranean. A spotlight was projected on the face of Cao Dewang, a private entrepreneur from Fujian, China and chairman of Fuyao Glass Group -- the chief judge of the Ernst & Young Global Entrepreneur Award Selection Committee solemnly announced abroad, The winner of the 2009 Ernst & Young Global Award belongs to Mr. caodewang of China Fuyao Group. This unexpected result has attracted the attention of outstanding global entrepreneurs and global media to focus on this Chinese

this is the first time that entrepreneurs in Greater China, including Hong Kong and Macao, have won this award, known as the "Oscar in the business community", since the Ernst & Young Global Award was selected in 1986. Until then, the global media and business colleagues really began to examine this excellent entrepreneur who was strictly selected by the global judges

Ernst young is one of the four largest accounting firms in the world today. Since 1986, Ernst young has been organizing this authoritative industry selection. At present, it enjoys the reputation of "Oscar in the business community" in the same industry

full of entrepreneurial spirit

Mr. Wu Jilong, the principal partner of Ernst & Young's key customers who accompanied Cao Dewang to fly to Europe to participate in the evaluation and served as Cao Dewang's interview in front of the judges and concurrently as a translator, said in an interview with the author that although they were very optimistic about Mr. Cao's strength and hoped that the entrepreneur players recommended by Ernst & Young China would win the championship at one stroke, he was not sure whether Cao Dewang would eventually win the prize

each of the 43 outstanding entrepreneurs from all over the world has an extraordinary legend. Their ability to stand out from the many entrepreneurs in their own countries fully proves their strength. Mr. Wu said that there were many successful candidates who started from scratch and made efforts to reach billions. Especially in today's era of knowledge economy, there are countless entrepreneurs who have become global superstars overnight with the help of knowledge and technology. In terms of scale, Cao Dewang can pick people first but through software to control computers, and data generation is not the most prominent. This year's Indian candidate, a mining magnate, has more than ten times the annual profit of Mr. Cao Dewang

in fact, so far, caodewang has not been the business client of Ernst & young, one of the world's four largest accounting firms. When senior representatives of Ernst & Young China visited Cao Dewang last year, Cao Dewang also thought that it was probably just Ernst & Young striving to develop Fuyao into a business client of Ernst & Young's accounting affairs. However, Cao Dewang, who is still not an Ernst & young customer, unexpectedly won the Ernst & Young grand prize in China and the world in a row

as early as October 30 last year, after strict screening by professional judges in Shanghai, caodewang stood out from 12 industry awards winners and won the Ernst & Young China Entrepreneur Award. When people look at the list of shortlisted candidates, they can't help being attracted by a long list of loud names. Standing on the same runway with caodewang are: Ding Shizhong, CEO of Anta sporting goods Co., Ltd., Zhu Xinli, President of China Huiyuan Juice Group, Zhu Yicai, chairman of China Yurun Food, Li Wenjun, CEO of Liwen Paper Co., Ltd., Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO, experimental machine with constant loading rate, constant strain rate and constant displacement rate control characteristics, fan min, CEO of Ctrip Huang Jianye, chairman of Meilian group, Yu Minhong, chairman of New Oriental, and Huang Ming, chairman of Huangming solar energy group, only added an oil circuit device, funmobile Holdings Ltd, than ordinary equipment. Qiu Yulin, CEO, and Jiang Dalong, chairman of Longji Power Co., Ltd

Cao Dewang claimed that he didn't care about that election, and even the global selection in May this year was a little careless. Until I met with Mr. Wu Jilong, the main partner of Ernst & Young China's key customers, in the hotel of Monte Carlo, as the only person recommended by Ernst & Young China to participate in the global awards, Cao Dewang did not prepare the election materials at all. He didn't even wear a tie in his suitcase, let alone stand on the podium of the global awards. At that time, what he planned in his heart was just how to take a friend's private plane and travel leisurely in Europe

what on earth made Ernst & Young China's eye on Cao Dewang, and what convinced the picky judges at all levels

according to Mr. Wu Jilong, the selection of global entrepreneurs for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award mainly examines the performance of the participating enterprises in six aspects: first, whether they have the entrepreneurial spirit of starting from scratch; 2 whether it has always operated in good faith in accdance with the law; Third, whether we pay attention to knowledge innovation and intellectual property rights; Fourth, whether it pays attention to energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection; fifth, whether it has global influence; Vi. whether there are good prospects for sustainable development

in his meeting with the chief judge on May 29, Cao Dewang spent only three minutes briefly describing his legendary experience of growing a nobody in China's automotive glass industry to the fourth place in the same industry in the world in more than 20 years. When it came to the judges' final questions, they obviously threw a heavy bomb and asked Cao Dewang to analyze the impact of the General Motors crisis on Cao Dewang's automotive glass industry. Cao Dewang, who had previously planned to acquire Wellstone, an accessory service provider under Ford, has actually been paying attention to the fate of the U.S. automotive industry and the U.S. financial storm. He told the judges that since GM's problems are mainly the problems of the United Auto Trade Union and the company, in the Obama administration, he will use his wisdom to clean up the United enterprise trade union, and GM's bankruptcy impasse will be resolved by compromise between the two sides, So general motors will not go bankrupt. The U.S. auto industry, which accounts for one third of the supply share of Fuyao Glass, will not shrink because of the plight of the U.S. auto giant. The changes in the market just provide an opportunity for Fuyao Glass, which has been implementing the multi variety and small batch strategy. He is full of confidence that he will replace his peers and become the leader of the same industry in the world within three to five years

after listening to Cao Dewang's statement, a judge from Europe was obviously defeated by the overall quality of the Chinese entrepreneur in front of him. One judge couldn't hide it and said to Cao Dewang: you exude entrepreneurial spirit all over

legend begins with a crutch. China's automotive history will record this: Cao Dewang founded Fuyao Glass in 1985, and he rewrites the development process of China's automotive glass industry

one day in 1985, Cao Dewang, who was visiting Wuyi Mountain, bought a beautiful crutch. When he took the crutch and was going to go down the mountain by car, the driver advised him not to stretch the crutch in front of the car to prevent puncturing the windshield, because every piece of the windshield costs thousands of yuan. Caodewang, who was contracting a water meter glass factory at that time, asked very incomprehensibly, does this piece of glass cost thousands of yuan? Through the conversation, Cao Dewang learned that at that time, no enterprise in China produced car glass, which was imported from abroad

why can't Chinese people produce car glass by themselves? With the ideal of "making his own glass for the Chinese people", he established Fuyao auto glass company. In 1987, Cao Dewang joined hands with 11 other shareholders and invested a total of 6.27 million yuan to start the production of auto glass. In the following ten years, Fuyao auto glass led by caodewang continued to roll and innovate, completely changing the history that China's auto glass market was monopolized by foreign brands

at present, Fuyao Glass occupies 56% of the market share of China's automotive glass market. In the segment of medium and high-end passenger cars, Fuyao has strong strength, with a market share of up to 71%, and has become the world's fourth largest automotive glass manufacturer, as well as a supplier of the world's eight automobile manufacturing giants, with its products accounting for 10% of the global market share. Especially from 2005 to 2008, Fuyao's exports grew at a compound annual rate of 27.17%. In 2008, the export sales reached 240million US dollars. The import market share of China's automotive glass decreased from almost 100% in 1985 to nearly 0% in 2008

on May 30 a few days ago, Cao Dewang, who just won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Global Award, remembered the Indian film "millionaire in the Slum", which won the Oscar earlier this year, on a sleepless night at the prince hotel in Monte Carlo. His feelings were mixed. He told the author that at that time, he felt that he was really a millionaire from the slum. Cao Dewang dropped out of school at the age of 14 because of difficulties in his family. After that, he herded cattle, sold fruits, sold cut tobacco, repaired bicycles, and his life was once quite embarrassing. After ten years of struggle, Cao Dewang is not only the chairman of China's leading private Sino foreign joint venture listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. He also won the Mondale world manager achievement award at the world manager summit. He also served as a member of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, a special researcher of the Research Office of the Fujian Provincial People's government, and the executive of the Fujian Provincial General Chamber of Commerce

Cao Dewang's road to success is not smooth. What a private enterprise lacked most at that time was technology and talents

joining the automotive glass industry, Cao Dewang does not have the technical information about automotive glass at home and abroad. Cao Dewang donated 20000 yuan to a large domestic enterprise to support their trade union activities, so as to obtain their dusty technical information about automotive glass for many years

Cao Dewang said with emotion that when he began to join the glass production industry, the intellectuals at that time were very high-minded and would rather eat olives with porridge than work in private enterprises. No college student who graduated from the city would like to come to Fuqing City, Fujian Province, a rural private enterprise. Only some returned college students who took the exam locally and had poor job assignments "bowed to" his company in a helpless situation. Caodewang told the author that after more than 20 years, those college students who left earlier have already become the backbone of our enterprise. At present, Fuyao Glass, which has many branches in various countries, has more than 10000 employees. Now we strictly select all kinds of talents for Fuyao

in the conversation with the author, caodewang talked about the nervous 2008. Affected by the global financial crisis, the global auto market has experienced severe tests

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