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The new coating technology is the "Endurance" of the wind power industry.

recently, it was learned from the relevant departments of Gansu Province that northwest Yongxin group and Northwest Normal University jointly @11, successively tested other groups of samples according to the above 4~9 items, and pre recorded that the average value of the same sample was obtained for the development of a new wind power coating, breaking the situation that foreign wind power coating products "dominate the world" and filling the gap in the domestic coating field, It also provides a guarantee for the "Endurance" of the wind power industry

since the development strategy of "building Hexi wind power corridor and building the Three Gorges on land in the west" was put forward, a number of major wind power projects in Gansu Province have been approved by the national development and Reform Commission. According to the plan, in 2010, Jiuquan alone will have a wind power installed capacity of 5.16 million KW. In addition, the investment of China Guodian Longyuan Group, Datang Group, China Power Investment Group and other enterprises in Jiuquan will push the wind power industry in Gansu to a new climax

at the same time, there are views that domestic wind and sand exist, wind power equipment is greatly worn by wind and sand, and too many wind power projects are launched, which is not in line with China's national conditions. Whether Gansu, where wind and sand coexist, is suitable for the development of wind power industry has once become a hot topic

"the key is whether the wind power equipment in operation can be effectively protected to resist the erosion of wind and sand." Wen Lixin, general manager of Northwest Yongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., a provincial enterprise in Gansu Province, said in an interview with this newspaper that as early as 10 years ago, northwest Yongxin had begun the research and development of wind power coatings, and had conducted experiments in Jiuquan wind farm in advance, in order to provide guarantee for the development of wind power industry

on March 7 this year, a report from Gansu Jieyuan wind power company showed that in March 2001, 12 units were hoisted in Jiuquan sanlijingzi Jieyuan Yumen wind farm, of which 6 units were coated with northwest Yongxin wind power paint, and the internal and external appearance of the unit tower paint was significantly better than that of the other 6 units in the same period

"facts have proved that Gansu is suitable for the construction of large-scale wind farms. It should be no problem for the equipment after coating experiment to operate for another ten years." Wen Lixin introduced that the wind power coating used in the experiment by sanlijingzi was a coating product developed by the company 10 years ago. Moreover, the "synthesis of organic fluorosilicone modified elastic polyurethane urea resin and new wind power coating" developed now has passed the identification of relevant experts and departments. At the beginning of the product listing, the price of similar products imported from abroad into the Chinese market has been reduced by about 30%

Zhang Pengyun, vice president and senior engineer of Gansu Research Institute of chemical industry, said in an interview with this newspaper that after testing, the new wind power coating developed by Northwest Yongxin has reached or better than foreign wind power coating products in terms of wear resistance, elastic elongation, adhesion, impact resistance, wind and sand resistance, and has made innovations in structural design and manufacturing technology, Effective protection can be formed for wind power equipment

Zhang Pengyun believes that the new wind power coating not only breaks the monopoly position of similar foreign products, but also has far-reaching significance for the construction of domestic wind farms and the operation of equipment in practical application

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