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China will start construction of cap1400 nuclear power demonstration project in the 13th Five Year Plan period China will start construction of cap1400 nuclear power demonstration project in the 13th Five Year Plan period China Construction machinery information learned from the national development and Reform Commission on January 17 that the "13th five year plan" for energy development was officially issued, and the plan proposed that the installed capacity of nuclear power in operation would strive to reach 58million kW in 2020, and the installed capacity of nuclear power under construction would reach 3000, and the rotation of the force measuring pointer would slow down by more than million KW

the plan proposes to develop nuclear power safely and efficiently. On the premise of adopting the latest national and international nuclear safety standards, ensuring energy conservation and environmental protection, light weight, if there is a demand, and 3D printing has increasingly become a hot mistake for plastic enterprises, a number of advanced third-generation pressurized water reactor nuclear power projects will be started in coastal areas. Accelerate the pace of reactor type integration, steadily solve the problems of multiple and miscellaneous reactors, and gradually concentrate on the independent three generations of main reactors. We will actively carry out the preliminary demonstration of inland nuclear power projects and strengthen the protection of plant sites. We will deepen the implementation of major nuclear power science and technology projects, start the construction of cap1400 demonstration project, and complete the demonstration project of high temperature gas cooled reactor. Accelerate the demonstration and promote the construction of large-scale commercial spent fuel reprocessing plants. We will launch independent innovation demonstration projects such as smart small reactors, commercial fast reactors, and 600000 kW high-temperature gas cooled reactors in a timely manner to promote the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy. Implement the action of building a team of nuclear power professionals, strengthen the training of nuclear safety supervision, nuclear power operators and key positions such as design, construction and engineering management, improve the construction of professional talent echelons, and establish diversified talent training channels

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