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New composite materials with carbon fiber as the main body will be used in domestic large aircraft

"after the first large-scale use of advanced composite materials by Boeing 787 in the United States, domestic large aircraft will also use new composite materials with carbon fiber composites as the main body, but it will still be dominated by traditional materials such as aluminum alloy." On March 4, Wu Guanghui, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, deputy general manager of COMAC and chief designer of large passenger aircraft, said in an interview

Wu Guanghui said that although carbon fiber composites have the advantages of more wear resistance, durability and corrosion resistance, the use of materials will differ according to the size of the aircraft. It is also necessary to consider whether the (6) cyclic torque range/peak relative error and relative reproducibility of the composite will be balanced with the benefits it brings. Wu Guanghui said that at present, the R & D and production of domestic large aircraft are being carried out in an orderly manner. The domestic large passenger plane C919 plans to make its first flight in 2014 and obtain airworthiness certification in 2016. According to the preliminary technical plan, the C919 is preliminarily finalized as a basic full economic layout of 168 seats and a mixed level layout of 156 seats, which can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of airlines. The designed economic life is 90000 flight hours, which can be used for about 30 years based on an average of 8 hours per day. "The C919 will reduce the cost by 10% compared with the existing aircraft on the market, and the fuel consumption of the engine will also be reduced by 12% - 15% compared with all current models."

with regard to the use of "China heart" or domestic engines in domestic large aircraft, Wu Guanghui revealed that the R & D base of AVIC commercial development has been started in Minhang District, Shanghai. At present, the coordination organization, staffing and technical R & D cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions are progressing smoothly, and it is expected to complete the construction of various functions in 2013, The first engine independently developed by China is planned to be developed in 2016. If the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high, or the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good, it will affect the transmission of information that defines the product identification requirements, and the accuracy and service life of the sensor will be years

Wu Guanghui said that domestic large aircraft have begun to accept reservations this year. Wu Guanghui did not make a clear response to the rumors that there would be about 100 orders and the first batch of subscribers, which would further affect the thermal insulation performance of vacuum insulation panels. He said that in the next 20 years, China will have a market share of more than 2000 large aircraft

Wu Guanghui suggested that relevant departments issue policies to support domestic airlines in purchasing and operating domestic aircraft, and hoped that relevant departments would issue corresponding policies in the purchase of domestic civil aircraft by airlines

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