The hottest new concept fresh-keeping box products

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New concept fresh-keeping box products developed by South Korea have entered China

recently, South Korea h, which integrates DSP computing speed and MCU control power point of i/o port. The brand of new concept fresh-keeping box successfully developed by anacobi came to China

the latest technology of storage and preservation of food and recyclable materials, which is known as "will lead the trend of preservation in the next 10 years", adopts low-pressure preservation, and uses the method of combining four sides to seal the box surface. The pressure around it is uniform, which can play a 100% sealing effect. Experiments have proved that the period of keeping food fresh in the lekou fresh-keeping box is more than three times that of similar products

the fresh-keeping box is made of PP plastic, and its color is transparent. It can be used as a microwave box, cold or hot. At the same time, it can also be used as a storage box to classify and store

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