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New composite material has double-layer TPU

Italian industrie chimiche forestali S.p.A company has developed a new composite material for leather products using Huntsman's premium thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which is also the first National Engineering Laboratory type composite material approved by Yantai city. The composite material, called Tintoretto, is made of double-layer TPU material, which can enhance high-end leather products

Huntsman suggests that this material can be packed as a fine powder into compact molding and granules with an average particle size of about 50 microns. The polyester TPU of irogran family (which can be used for hot melt calendering and multilayer lamination) has low chromaticity and is easy to color, which can ensure the consistency of products between different batches, and can be well integrated with natural type adhesives to avoid major accidents or synthetic lattice adhesives. Forestali listened to this suggestion and finally successfully developed Tintoretto with the support of Huntsman's technical team. This is a very easy to produce material, which can be fitted at will without affecting its dimensional stability

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