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Female Engineer caojingyi won the Second Class Merit Medal

female Engineer caojingyi won the Second Class Merit Medal

February 11, 2003

at the beginning of this year, young female Engineer caojingyi of the coating Research Office of the naval equipment technology research institute won the Second Class Merit Medal

. In just eight years, it has developed new marine coatings with independent intellectual property rights, won three military

team scientific and technological progress awards, four national invention patents, two utility model patents, wrote more than 600000 words of monographs, issued 45

Table papers, and drawn 5 Hardware torque detection equipment parameters: a new blueprint for the kingdom of naval coatings

studying a coating that can be applied in a short time in a humid and rusty environment has become a more detailed and appropriate key topic taught by Cao Jing on how to correctly use the experimental machine. It is the research results of this naval characteristic subject that put an end to the "myth" of "endless iron

rust and inexhaustible oil dirt" spread on ships in the past. Under wet and rusty conditions, the crew can easily complete some anti-corrosion and rust prevention work by replacing special parts of metals and other materials with the special marine coatings studied by Cao Jingyi and colleagues. This special coating material is an international initiative, and its comprehensive anti-corrosion performance has reached the international leading level, and has obtained the national invention patent

in the next two years, I plan to study nano coatings and general-purpose ships, so as to promote the growth of the overall strength of primer antirust paint

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