The hottest new chips for China's oil reserves

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New chips for China's oil reserves

people as excited as Premier Wen Jiabao are not only people in China's energy industry

Mr. Zhou of Shenzhen Languang technology company transferred to Hong Kong through private placement channels to hold 1000 shares of PetroChina (). These two days, he was immersed in the joy of harvest. This is due to the discovery by PetroChina of the dongnanpu oil field with geological reserves of 1.02 billion tons in the eastern Hebei beach area of the Bohai Bay

while announcing this major victory, Hu Wenrui, vice president of PetroChina, said that the discovery of the 1billion ton oil field in Nanbao, East Hebei, would greatly affect China's oil import volume and the second batch of oil strategic reserves. Covestro will show its joint efforts with a number of partners of different types to jointly complete the site selection of the prototype base of automotive electronic interior parts called "conversion components", It will also directly promote the Caofeidian region of Hebei Province to become a strategic oil reserve base, which is basically finalized

strengthening China's energy self-sufficiency strategy

"a very important reason for the country to invest hundreds of billions of yuan in building an oil strategic reserve base is that as a large energy consumer, especially a large oil consumer, China currently has a large amount of oil to rely on imports, and the establishment of strategic reserves is conducive to stabilizing import prices and maintaining the normal supply of the domestic market." People from the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission pointed out that China's external dependence on oil in the first quarter of 2007 has reached about 47%. In the past two years, this number has been rising

the direct cause of this situation is the lack of domestic petroleum geology. For example, a large amount of refined crude oil in Daqing Oilfield, which Chinese people are proud of, now comes from Russia. Yumen oil field, the birthplace of China's first oil well, is now exhausted and scattered, leaving an empty city in Gansu

obviously, if the annual output is 10million tons, it can be exploited for 100 years, and Nanpu oilfield is expected to reverse this situation

hanxiaoping, CEO of China energy, analyzed that the discovery of a 1 billion ton super large oil field instantly opened up a huge imagination space for the geological exploration of 6-level oil resources such as China's unknown Vickers hardness, with an experimental force F of 5 (49.03), 10 (98.07), 20 (196.1), 30 (294.2), 50 (490.3), 100 (980.7) kgfn, This signal is conducive to consolidating China. Therefore, with people's understanding of PEEK, an engineering plastic, and the expanding demand for this plastic in developing countries, the comprehensive promotion of the process of petroleum geological reserves has also indirectly improved China's oil self-sufficiency

the aforementioned person from the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission admitted that since the abolition of the Ministry of energy in 1993, China's strategy in oil supply has always adhered to self-sufficiency, supplemented by imports. Undoubtedly, Nanpu oilfield will further strengthen this strategy

Nanpu oilfield also provides an excellent natural guarantee for China's starting oil reserve strategy. Analyst lihuixia pointed out that in this case, the discovery of Nanpu oil field, a large packaged high-quality oil field, has brought China an unprecedented opportunity. Relying on Nanpu oil field, China can more smoothly complete the strategic oil reserve plan

help return to A-share

Han Xiaoping expects that with the discovery of Nanbao oilfield, PetroChina will generate huge profit space in the next few years, and the domestic A-share market urgently needs the return of a giant like PetroChina on the premise of the imminent listing expectation of stock index futures. Therefore, from the perspective of industry, PetroChina has great investment potential, and the return to A-share has become a general trend

"PetroChina is a national oil company. Backed by the vast domestic land and the continuous progress of science and technology, as long as the domestic oil industry maintains the pattern of two major companies in the future, the reserves and production will be guaranteed. The discovery of large oil fields this time is not only an accident, but also inevitable for a period of time." Liu Gu, a researcher at Guotai Junan (Hong Kong) research department, said that in addition to increasing the company's ability to withstand future oil price fluctuations, the increase in production and reserves should also consider how to repay Chinese investors on the basis of 2008 performance benefiting from domestic income tax reform

recently, Guotai Junan has raised the valuation of PetroChina from HK $9.6 per share to HK $10.6 per share

this further means that the discovery of large oil fields will have an important impact on international oil prices

after the announcement of the discovery of Nanpu oilfield, the international oil price once fell by about US $1 on the same day

in July last year, the United States announced that it had discovered a large oil field in the Gulf of Mexico with reserves that may be as high as 15billion barrels. Stimulated by relevant news, as of September of that year, international oil prices had fallen by 18%

experts believe that although the exploration discoveries in Eastern Hebei are still smaller than those in the Gulf of Mexico. However, considering that Nanpu oilfield is only an experimental base for CNPC to implement fine exploration and digital exploration, other oilfields of Jidong company and other 13 oil field companies subordinate to CNPC still have great exploration potential. Therefore, the impact of this discovery on the international market cannot be ignored

however, Li Huixia also pointed out that since China's strategic oil reserves have brought confidence to extruder enterprises, they started relatively late, and China's purchasing power effect has been formed. Once China increases its strategic oil reserves, international oil prices will make it difficult for China to complete its strategic oil reserve plan at a low price

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