Tianjin University celebrates the 30th anniversary

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Tianjin University celebrates the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the analytical instrument major. On October 1st, 2015, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Tianjin University, more than 50 alumni of the analytical instrument major from grade 1985 to 1995 of Jingyi college gathered together to recall the past, look at the present and look forward to the future to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the analytical instrument major

the alumni gathering was first held in Weijin, Tianjin University, to improve the reliability of phase change materials in porous media with the help of capillary effect. Liu Yi, a 1985 alumni of analytical instruments, donated 60 million yuan to his alma mater, which is also the largest single donation received by Tianjin University in recent years. After the donation ceremony, the alumni held a symposium at the Dongli Industrial Technology Research Institute of Tianjin University on how to operate the experimental machine efficiently. At the meeting, Wang Mei, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Tianjin University, as a professor who has been engaged in the specialty of analytical instruments, reviewed the history of the specialty and made breakthroughs in high-end technology, and described the current research work of the analytical instrument laboratory of Tianjin University and its prospects for the future of the specialty. Zeng weekend, President of Jingyi college, Zhu Xianfeng, Secretary General of China instrumentation society, and Yang Hao, Secretary of Tianjin Donglihu management committee were invited to attend the meeting

then, the alumni visited Dongli Industrial Technology Research Institute of Tianjin University. Seeing the spacious laboratory, various new equipment, and the scientific research achievements of the students, the old alumni were all very excited. They also told the younger generation about their happy time at Tianda. Some alumni also shared their overseas study and work experience, and some alumni looked forward to their future life and career. During the dinner, old and new alumni talked happily

will become an important research direction in the future. In 1983, under the leadership of Zhou Changzhen, Xu Zhenlin, fan Shifu, Wang Yonghong and other teachers, the College of fine instruments of Tianjin University established the major of analytical instruments, which became the first batch of analytical instrument majors in China and the only two majors in China. In 1987, with the approval of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the major of analytical instruments began to recruit master's and doctoral students. In 1996, the major of analytical instruments was no longer recruited separately and was incorporated into the major of Biomedical Engineering, but the research on analytical instruments in Tianjin University did not end. In 1998, the research group of analysis and testing technology and instruments cooperated with the University of Giessen in Germany to complete the first non reflection time of flight mass spectrometer in China. In 2009, in response to the state's efforts to promote employment through entrepreneurship, the teachers of the research group encouraged and supported students to start their own businesses and opened up a high-end technology entrepreneurship model of industry, University and research. In 2014, the laboratory of analytical testing technology and instruments officially moved to the Dongli Industrial Technology Research Institute of Tianjin University. With the strengthening of scientific research conditions and the improvement of site conditions, the research group of analytical instruments has entered a new period of rapid development

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