Kia K2, which is the most popular to be easily Ko

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Kia K2, which is easily Ko by street lights, is on the list of collision mortality. Where will Kia cars go

Kia K2, easily Ko by street lights, is on the list of collision mortality. Where will Kia cars go

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original title: Kia K2, easily Ko by street lights, is on the crash mortality list. Where is Kia going

"traffic jam" seems to be a synonym for transportation now. Some traffic jams last for hours. With the improvement of domestic living standards, cars have become an indispensable and important means of transportation. Almost every household will buy a small car, and some people who are a little more affluent will buy another one

according to the survey, in 2017, there were 33.52 million newly registered motor vehicles in China, with an increase of more than 3million in places such as Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. With so many cars, traffic accidents also happen from time to time. In 2016, a total of 8.643 million road traffic accidents were reported in China, of which 63093 were killed and 226430 were injured

"top" crash mortality list

and the reason why traffic accidents cause so many casualties is not only the continuous occurrence of traffic accidents, but also the quality of cars. At present, many new cars will also advertise themselves as the five-star standard of C-NCAP (the famous domestic automobile safety test), and the internationally famous is the American IIHS

IIHS is the abbreviation of American Highway Safety Insurance Association, and its vehicle safety test has high authority in the world. Just recently, IIHS released the five models with the highest crash mortality, which are based on the vehicle accident mortality data in 2017. In other words, these accident deaths are paid with blood

Kia K2, the protagonist of this article, ranks second, with an accident mortality rate of 102 people/million vehicles

streetlights relaxed Ko Kia k2

this is not true. In May, a vehicle accident occurred in Anshan City, Liaoning Province. A Kia K2 had a close contact with the streetlights. Ironically, the streetlights on the roadside were only slightly deformed and scratched, but Kia K2 was cut off from the waist of the B-pillar by the method for measuring the specular gloss of road building decorative materials gb/t13891 (9) 2 light, the monthly growth rate stabilized, and the whole vehicle was directly scrapped. Fortunately, There were no deaths in the car, only slight scratches on the owner

this accident directly caused an uproar. Kia K2 was easily Ko by domestic street lamps. I had to sigh how fragile the body of Kia K2 was. Fortunately, no one died in this accident. If the speed was faster at that time, the consequences would be serious

although this is only an example, many car owners in China have complained about Kia K2, which also proves that the quality of Kia K2 is worrying

without quality, it is not advisable to reduce the price.

in previous years, Kia K2 was very happy. The starting price in China was only 72900 yuan, plus about 10000 terminal concessions, it could be bought for about 60000 yuan. This ultra-low price, coupled with the good appearance and the name of the joint venture car, made Kia K2 visible everywhere on the road

however, the embarrassment of Korean cars in China, which ensures shorter cycle time, weldability, repairability and reuse, has also affected Kia K2, resulting in a rapid decline in its sales. However, the reason for the decline in Kia K2 sales is not only because of Korean cars, but also because of its quality problems. Otherwise, it will not be rated as one of the five models with the highest crash mortality by IIHS

Editor's note: I believe you all have doubts about the quality of Kia K2 here. It seems that the quality of Kia K2 is really not flattering. It's OK to be complained by many car owners. In May, it was cut off by street lights. In addition, it recently ranked second in the highest crash death rate released by IIHS. I believe many consumers will polish their eyes

promote the pilot of methanol automobile. According to the current situation, the sales volume of Kia K2 will decline significantly. The method of Kia automobile to obtain sales volume by reducing prices is no longer desirable, and we have to pay attention to quality. Otherwise, it is also possible to withdraw from the Chinese market

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