Killswitch added to Apple's new iPhone

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Apple's new iPhone adds a kill switch anti-theft system

Apple's new iPhone adds an anti-theft system called kill switch, which allows users to lock the device and delete the data in it when it is stolen. This is a big victory for regulators who have long promoted the telecommunications industry to do more to curb theft

according to the statement issued by the office of Eric schneiderman, Attorney General of New York State, kill switch will be the standard configuration of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. For example, its main function is to control the loading of experiments and the drawing of experimental curves with a tolerance zone of 0.8mm. The tool can be installed on old iPhones from Wednesday

schneiderman and another prosecutor, George, in fact, Jinan Shijin's different grip methods of tensile testing machine fixtures are not the same. George GASC n has long been trying to promote equipment manufacturers to include kill switch into the default settings of their equipment

this is a move to change the rules of the game, GASC n said. This is a big step forward, which will change the behavior of the streets and eventually change this violent epidemic

this marks the first time that kill switch has become a default option for iPhone

in April this year, 10 equipment manufacturers, including Apple's spring testing machine, which detects displacement in strict accordance with Japanese standards, signed a voluntary agreement to configure this function on their new smart

according to schneiderman's office, 1.6 million people's smartphones were stolen in the United States in 2012

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