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On May 10, according to the article published by PC world, a science and technology station, 4G network will obtain "killer" applications in five technology fields, including mobile video live broadcast, mobile/portable games, cloud computing, "augmented reality" navigation, emergency response and telemedicine

mobile live video

now, many people carry cameras with camera functions. There is no doubt that the next step will be to use video applications to link video to the network. Now, specialized application providers such as Qik have supported streaming video live broadcast through mobile equipment alloy steel manufacturing equipment on the network

mobile/portable games

players now particularly expect the speed and advantages of 4G network services. In the long run, players will be the largest consumer group of Wi Fi routers such as portable overdrive and clear spot. Overdrive can receive 4G information and transmit it to game devices through wireless networks

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cloud based applications

4G networks will make cloud based applications more attractive than they are now. If 4G network increases the network transmission speed by 10 times, cloud services will become relatively more reliable, practical and secure for mobile users

augmented reality "navigation

4g network claims wider bandwidth. Navigation application software suppliers have been exploring the concept of" augmented reality with a high fatigue life of 50000 times ", that is, real-time video data can be obtained through the camera or GPS

emergency response and telemedicine

police departments, fire departments and medical institutions that can be stretched infinitely will invest heavily in 4G networks in order to provide better, faster and cheaper medical and emergency services. It is reported that network giant Cisco and service provider at&t are developing special equipment and services for medical services by taking advantage of 4G network to transmit large documents. Sadie

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