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maintenance of waterway

waterway is responsible for providing water for ink balance to the printing plate. The less water, the better. This structure has less impact on subsequent processes. But with too little water, the ink balance is difficult to control, which requires it to be in good working condition. The following analyzes the matters needing attention in the maintenance of the water chamber through the transmission chain diagram of the waterway:

water bucket - water bucket roll - water transfer roll - water string roll - water landing roll - printing plate - printing sheet

the water bucket is used to contain the fountain solution. Because the fountain solution is acidic, the water bucket should be sour. Clean up the fountain solution in the bucket before going off duty, otherwise the acid solution in the bucket will become thicker and stronger due to the evaporation of water, and its corrosive effect will become stronger and stronger. The water surface inside the bucket should not be too high, otherwise the fountain solution may be thrown out when the bucket roller works. In addition, it should also be noted that the bucket may be corroded by acid after working for a long time, so the corrosion degree should be checked regularly. Otherwise, once it is damaged, the fountain solution may splash onto the drum, causing rust on the surface of the drum. From the perspective of protecting the bucket, the closer the pH value is to 7, the better

the bucket roll is used to control the amount of water to be fed, and its surface should be acid resistant, oil repellent and water absorbent; In addition, the surface should be clean. If the coating on the surface of the bucket roll is damaged, the water supply will be affected; Therefore, once damaged, it should be replaced in time. If there is something like ink or oil on its surface, it needs to be wiped off in time, otherwise it will affect the stability of water supply

the function of the water transfer roller is to transfer the water on the bucket roller to the water transfer roller. If the forces on both sides are uniform, this can ensure the smooth transmission of the fountain solution. The water glue fleece on its surface should be uniform, and there should be no fleece in some places or not in some places. If this condition occurs, it should be replaced in time. The surface of water glue should be kept clean. If there is dirt, it should be removed in time and cleaned every day

the role of the water roller is to evenly mix the fountain solution in the circumferential and axial directions. The requirements for the surface of the water roller are the same as that of the bucket roller

the function of the water roller is to directly supply the fountain solution to the printing plate surface. The quality of its work directly affects the quality of prints. Its requirements are stricter than that of the water transfer roller. In addition, the pressure between it and the printing plate should be strictly controlled. It is easy to form impact if it is too large, and it may affect the water yield if it is too small

the non Chinese part of the printing plate surface should have good water absorption, while the graphic part repels water. However, due to the wear on the surface of the printing plate during printing, its hydrophilicity may be damaged. 1 is the arc synchronous gear belt, so the pressure between the hammer body of the ink roller and the printing plate, and the pressure between the rubber and the printing plate should be strictly controlled. In addition, attention should be paid to the protection of the printing plate itself

the blanket itself should repel water, but it will always be more or less expanded than that in 2017. Some of the water structure features on the printing plate: turn to paper. For blanket, the worse the water absorption of the surface, the better, and the stronger the ink absorption, the better. If this feature is damaged, replace the blanket

printing is the end of the waterway. From the perspective of printing, the smaller the water, the smaller the expansion. Generally speaking, the expansion coefficient of offset paper is large, so the water volume should be reduced. Coated paper has strong resistance to expansion, and its water volume can be relaxed

Author: Cai Jifei

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