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Kingdee joins hands with Tianjin yaopi glass to promote information management. Recently, Kingdee signed an information cooperation agreement with Tianjin yaopi engineering glass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianjin yaopi glass"). Tianjin yaopi glass will adopt Kingdee group's financial, supply chain, manufacturing and human resources systems to improve the level of enterprise management, strengthen the construction of knowledge-based teams, and win better economic benefits for the enterprise

Tianjin is one of the important manufacturing bases in China. Especially after Binhai New Area has been incorporated into the national development strategy, more and more enterprises choose to seek more development opportunities in Tianjin. Tianjin yaopi glass is a manufacturing base established by Shanghai yaopi Glass Group (SYP) in Tianjin Beichen Development Zone in order to consolidate the leading position of the company in the industry development. The company covers an area of 300 mu and the first phase investment is 350million yuan. Tianjin yaopi glass products are widely used in well-known projects at home and abroad, including Shanghai World Financial Center building, Pudong International Airport, Beijing National Stadium, Tianjin citizen square, Russian Federation building, Las Vegas entertainment center, etc

with the development of the company, the management team of Tianjin yaopi glass has clearly realized that the success of modern enterprises is inseparable from advanced information management means. As early as the early stage of the plant's establishment in 2007, Tianjin yaopi glass began the selection of information engineering. Although the company adopts the management information system developed by self customization, with the development of enterprise management, the self-developed system has faced more and more challenges, especially in the effective integration and interface unification of finance, supply chain and production data. It can not be completely agreed that the ipul system has a faster production speed, which brings some resistance to efficient production. What is more difficult is that the original system cannot achieve efficient and accurate cost accounting

during the selection process, the project team strictly selected a number of software suppliers, compared customized development software with general-purpose software, and examined the software from the perspective of software integration and personalized requirements, especially whether the platform technology is mature or not. After detailed demonstration and comparison, the project team finally selected Kingdee as the software system supplier of yaopi informatization project

the project leader of Tianjin yaopi Glass said that he hoped to realize the personalized management needs through the application of ERP system based on Kingdee BOS platform, establish a unified data management platform for enterprises, and standardize the management of product data; Arrange production schedule and realize real-time information sharing; Coordinated management, balanced logistics and balanced production through scientific and agile planning system; Strengthen the monitoring of logistics and production process to realize fine management; Establish a sound cost management system, accounting automatically and transparently, and help the company eliminate the "black hole" of costs; Strengthen staff management and performance management, and cultivate more excellent talents for the company. Finally, we will help Tianjin yaopi production base consolidate its leading position in the industry through fine management, cost control and manpower construction

Kingdee project leader said that famous domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises such as Toyota Motor Engine and Tianjin Fuji optics are examples of Kingdee manufacturing users, and Kingdee's manufacturing Corps is growing. Kingdee is helping more and more enterprises to succeed. Yaopi already has excellent competitiveness in the automotive glass and construction processing industry. The investment and construction of Tianjin yaopi glass plays an important role in consolidating its position under the working condition that the chloride ion content of the industry is less than 10 ppm. It is believed that the joint cooperation between the two sides will help yaopi play the strongest voice of China's glass industry with the help of information management means

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