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Advantech launched a new IOT device operation management application - wise

in May 2019, Shenzhen - a provider of flash memory and memory solutions in the global embedded market, Advantech, as a continuous explorer of the global industrial computing market, recently released a new IOT device operation management application - wise PAAS/deviceon, which allows users to easily use onboard devices and prepare them according to different water temperatures, Effectively monitor the health of equipment. Application integrated OTA can safely send software and firmware updates through and remote mode

the demand for new industrial IOT products has increased.

the market demand for industrial IOT products has surged, and the number of IOT devices deployed and needed to be managed in different regions has increased rapidly. While ensuring uninterrupted service, it is crucial to effectively manage, monitor and control thousands of connected devices. The equipment must work normally and safely after deployment, and does not need to be frequently visited by service technicians. Customers need secure access to their equipment to detect, troubleshoot, and perform time critical operations. With Advantech's wise PAAS/deviceon, users can now quickly use onboard devices, effectively monitor the health of devices, and safely send software and firmware updates (OTAs) on site and remotely

wise paas/deviceon- designed for the needs of customers

Advantech's newly designed IOT device operation management app solution provides users with a new plug and play experience. Starting from onboard devices, wise PAAS/deviceon's zero touch IOT technology seamlessly registered the Advantech hardware system with identity security and site settings. Fast and simple setup helps provide instant intelligent edge onboarding, data collection, and status visualization in the device operation center. Power switches, troubleshooting and mission critical actions can be accessed quickly and easily by clicking a button. OTA's common exterior wall insulation materials testing equipment include: electronic universal testing machine for insulation materials, cutting device for insulation materials, on-site pull-out tester for exterior wall insulation materials and other software. Software patches, firmware, software and configuration updates are sent through batch supply, so as to update yourself safely. The app aims to ensure the highest efficiency of IOT equipment operation and management

quick access to ready-made solutions in the wise PAAS market

provide hardware and software integration solutions for IOT devices. Take full advantage of wise PAAS/deviceon's predictive device maintenance functions, such as IPC HDD life cycle prediction, analysis based dashboards, and automatic event alerts. In terms of bringing artificial intelligence into the demand of IOT, Advantech provides improved risk management, faster daily operation and better equipment performance while improving business value and intelligence by extracting big data. Wise PAAS/deviceon is compatible with all Advantech hardware systems and can work on popular platforms and services, such as wise PAAS public/private cloud, Microsoft azure, VM on premise and kubernetes

Advantech embedded service line can help you quickly obtain your wise paas/deviceon version in the wise PAAS market, and help to start a new device operation. The success of the bench may enhance and encourage the development of other markets

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