To overcome the most difficult epidemic, Dalek pra

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Since February 10, enterprises and institutions involving important national economy and the people's livelihood have successively resumed work and production. With the increase of enterprises returning to work, the demand for epidemic prevention materials such as masks and disinfectants in the market has increased significantly in a short time, making it very difficult to purchase

considering that the enterprise may not be able to purchase epidemic prevention materials after returning to work, Dalek urgently contacted the domestic professional disinfection material supplier to purchase a batch of special medical hand disinfectant, which was provided to the enterprise free of charge through the official in 20 key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou. Due to the shortage of prevention and control materials, enterprises that hope to receive materials will properly allocate and arrange these materials, and the first waste foam granulator for epidemic prevention and control will be added to the production line of foam granulator of Enterprises above the production scope

"focusing on customer needs" is not an understated commitment for dyke. At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, dyke actively implements the enterprise and responsibility, builds warm services with practical actions, and contributes a real strength to epidemic prevention and control

at the same time, Dalek attaches great importance to the epidemic prevention and control work and takes rapid action. 3. During the experiment, the public areas in the park and the enterprise will be fully disinfected and prevented every day. All staff will wear masks and go in and out to measure their temperature. The factory will be disinfected regularly every day; At present, Gongdu needs to replace the factory at one time, and the assembly line has resumed production and delivery in an orderly manner, so as to achieve the primary principle of ensuring that the market supply does not rise in price, work together with business partners to overcome difficulties, and win the war of prevention and control of the epidemic

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