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American researchers say that "smoking vaccine" is expected to come out

Abstract: American researchers say that maybe in the near future, smokers can be injected with "smoking vaccine" to produce immunity to nicotine. In this way, they will not be able to experience any fun when smoking, so as to quit smoking soon

American researchers say that maybe in the near future, smokers can be vaccinated against nicotine. In this way, they will not be able to experience any fun when smoking, so as to quit smoking soon

this study is still in the stage of animal experiment

"smoking vaccine"

researchers from Weill Cornell School of Medicine Affiliated to Cornell University carried out experiments on mice. They injected mice with an injection containing a genetically modified virus that can turn the liver into a "factory" that constantly produces nicotine antibodies

then, the researchers injected nicotine into ordinary mice and mice immunized with the virus, and compared the content of nicotine in their brains. Researchers found that the nicotine content in the brain of immunized mice was 85% lower than that of non immunized mice, and the behavior, blood pressure and heart rate of the former were not affected by nicotine

the research report was published in the latest issue of Science Translational Medicine

at present, it is not clear whether this method is equally effective for people, nor whether the decrease of nicotine content in the brain is enough to help people quit smoking. The researchers said that the "smoking vaccine" is expected to be tested in humans within two years at the earliest, and will be on the market in about five years

bright prospects

Professor Ronald crystal, head of the research project, said that if a "smoking vaccine" for human use can be developed, people "will understand that if they smoke again, affected by the vaccine, they will not experience any pleasure, which can help them quit this bad habit"

(5) implement the platform construction project for the production and utilization of characteristic new materials. At that time, as long as the vaccine is injected once, people may be "immune" to nicotine for life. The vaccine may also be used to prevent children from becoming addicted to tobacco

the BBC quoted crystal as saying on the 27th: "we are confident that this vaccine will be able to 830 ⑴ to help millions of smokers who have tried to quit smoking in various ways but have been defeated repeatedly."

however, he also said that research pays more attention to the harmonious development with the ecological environment and resources. 1. People with high efficiency have many problems to be solved before conducting human experiments. For example, the vaccine is a virus with artificially changed genes, and it must be confirmed in advance that this genetic change is harmless to the human body

need to quit smoking

smoking has become a great enemy of human health. Although many people are aware of its harm, it is always difficult to quit because of addiction

according to the statistics of the World Health Organization, nearly 6million deaths worldwide are related to smoking every year, including more than 600000 non-smokers who die from second-hand smoke. If measures are not taken quickly, the number of deaths caused by tobacco may exceed 8million by 2030

Darren Griffin, a professor of genetics at the University of Kent in the UK, said that the discovery of weir Cornell Medical School was "impressive and has unlimited potential". However, he reminded that human dependence on cigarettes includes both physiological and psychological aspects. Therefore, whether the positive results obtained in the mouse experiment can be applied to humans needs further testing. (Jing Jing)

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