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Advantech mobile data terminal trek

Advantech. On January 24, 2011, Advantech, as an industry leader in jointly building on-board computer applications for aluminum based new material aircraft carriers, launched trek-550 mobile data terminal, which won the 2011 Taiwan boutique award and the 2010 Best Choice award respectively. These two awards have industry credibility in industry, academia, design and other fields. Being able to win these two awards is an affirmation of the development of Advantech in the global industrial computer manufacturing industry. At the same time, it represents the innovation and praise of Advantech in the professional field of on-board computers, and brings new opportunities for the intelligent on-board application industry

industrial design, ruggedness and durability is a professional on-board computer

trek-550 is a mobile data terminal specially used for logistics fleets, special vehicles, buses and taxis. Trek-550 is based on Intel Atom. It is industrial grade, suitable for harsh environments, and can work at a wide temperature (-30 C ~ 70 C). It integrates various i/o interfaces that need to replace cables in case of damage, and can be connected to various devices

leading the trend of efficient fleet management

trek-550 can connect to the standard interface of vehicles and receive vehicle diagnostic information through J1939 protocol. GPS (AGPs) and dead reckoning system can provide geographic location navigation applications, such as route planning and rescue travel. These functions help to find vehicles that are stranded due to the blocking of communication satellite reception caused by tunnel, terrain or signal Microsoft, which is an important way to solve the energy replacement and saves the cost and time of drivers and fleet managers

Application of trek-550 in smart bus

recently, the industry's first smart bus industry standard was announced and put into production. Advantech trek-550 is a model of this standard with its advanced scientific and technological innovation and practicality. The standard was formulated by Taiwan telematics industry alliance (ttia) and approved by the government of Taiwan, China, China. At the same time, it also promoted the standard formulation of intelligent bus transportation system in Chinese Mainland. This standard improves the safety of transportation, accelerates the induction speed of card swiping, and provides on-board entertainment information and information services. The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of the Taiwan government has made corresponding plans for the future smart bus, and the industry partners including Advantech have reached some consensus to further improve the application of Advantech in vehicle computers through the continuous development and application of trek-550, so as to jointly promote the growth and development of smart bus systems

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about Advantech: founded in 1983, Advantech is a leading and trusted innovative embedded and automation product solution provider in the world, providing complete system integration Hardware, software, customer-centric design services and global logistics support. In the process of synthesizing traditional plastic additives, Advantech is also a premier member of Intel embedded Communications Alliance. Through close cooperation with solution partners, it provides complete solutions for various industrial applications. With more than 4300 full-time employees, Advantech has formed an extensive technical support and marketing network between 18 countries and 39 major cities, so it can provide fast listing services for customers around the world

Advantech acquired dlog in 2010, and the joint brand of Advantech dlog on-board computer came into being to jointly expand the global industrial on-board computer market. In the future, it will focus on four major areas: warehouse management, heavy duty, stationary applications and fleet management, and provide industry-leading products and technical services

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