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New compilation of personnel systems

compilation of personnel systems


chapter I General Provisions

Chapter II recruitment and employment

Chapter III Labor Contract

Chapter IV personnel file management

Chapter V work norms and code of conduct

Chapter VI attendance and leave

Chapter VII different materials and samples of employee welfare have different implementation standards

Chapter VIII salary system


Chapter IX performance appraisal

Chapter 10 training and development

Chapter 11 reward and punishment regulations

Chapter 12 internal changes

Chapter 13 resignation and severance

Chapter 14 suggestions and communication, This system is hereby formulated

Article 2 the following employees refer to the employees officially employed by the company and the new employees during the probation period

Article 3 all employees of the company shall comply with the employee management system (unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations)

Chapter II recruitment and employment

Article 1

the company adopts the employment system management for employees. The basic policy is to ensure the quality of personnel selection and employment according to the annual human resource planning, personnel dynamics and human cost control objectives, select qualified and excellent talents for the company and adapt them to the requirements of business development

Article 2 the selection and employment process shall follow the four principles of justice, fairness, equal competition and avoidance of relatives

Article 3

when the company employs employees, the employing department shall propose a personnel demand plan, apply for recruitment based on the human demand application form approved by the general manager, and the administrative human resources department shall uniformly publish the recruitment information according to the requirements of the job analysis specification, and handle the internal selection, deployment or external recruitment procedures

Article 4 the principle of "internal recruitment and deployment before external recruitment" is followed in recruitment to reduce and reduce external recruitment costs

Article 5

candidates shall provide application materials and relevant supporting materials to the administrative human resources department. The administrative human resources department and the employing department shall jointly determine the proposed candidates and the recruitment assessment methods, and the administrative human resources department shall arrange and organize the recruitment interview assessment

Article 6

candidates participating in the interview and assessment shall truthfully fill in the relevant forms and complete the interview and assessment according to the procedures specified in the forms. The administrative Human Resources Department reserves the right to investigate the work experience and personal background of the verifier

Article 7

the interview and assessment process is divided into three parts as needed. The first part is the preliminary examination of the administrative human resources department (to complete the assessment of the applicant's identity and academic credentials and job qualifications); The second part, interview by the employer (complete the professional qualification assessment); In the third part, the administrative human resources department will arrange the re examination and complete the qualification verification of candidates. For the recruitment of important positions, the general manager shall make the final interview and assessment. The assessment consists of the following items: 1) appearance, cultivation and conversation; 2) Job search motivation and job expectation; 3) Heart and cooperation spirit; 4) Professional knowledge and skills; 5) Relevant work experience; 6) Quality evaluation; 7) Add written examination if necessary

see recruitment interview process for the specific process of Article 8

Article 9

for external candidates who are approved to try out, the administrative human resources department shall notify them to try out and arrange them to go to a designated hospital for physical examination (valid physical examination certificates can be provided within one week after their entry). Those who pass the physical examination shall go through the entry formalities at the administrative human resources department within the specified time limit, otherwise they will be deemed to have refused to be hired

Article 10

when handling employment, the employee shall provide 4 pieces of ID card, academic certificate, professional title certificate, post qualification certificate, English level certificate, marriage certificate, floating population marriage and childbirth certificate, labor contract termination certificate with the original unit, social security certificate of the original unit, recent physical examination report and recent bareheaded photos, and fill in the employee registration form and the confirmation of the company's system in person. If the above information is not complete, the entry formalities will not be handled. If it is necessary to delay the submission due to special reasons, the information shall be supplemented within 2 weeks after the approval of the company's leaders, otherwise it will not be retained or dismissed

Article 11 in case of any of the following changes or supplements to personal data, the administrative human resources department of the company shall be informed in time to ensure the rights and interests related to you:

(1) home address and number

(2) marital status

(3) Aston Martin's daughter whose son was cheated by DuPont engineering plastics

(4) contact person in case of accident or emergency

(5) completion of training or further education

Article 12

the company reserves the right to review the personal data provided by new employees. In case of any false information, the company will be immediately removed from the list. And compensate the company for all expenses paid for recruiting the employee

Article 13

after receiving the employment notice, you should report to the administrative human resources department of the company on the specified date. If you cannot go on schedule for some reason, you should contact relevant personnel to determine the registration date. Check in procedures include:

(1) induction training

(2) go through check-in and registration procedures, and receive time cards, office supplies and materials

(3) meet with the department head and accept the work arrangement

(4) sign the probation contract

Article 14 new employees employed by the company shall be on probation from the date when the plastic simply supported beam impact tester is placed horizontally. The probation period is generally 3 months. However, for posts with special technology and business, the probation period can be appropriately extended to 6 months according to the specific position conditions. In case of good performance and outstanding performance, a written application can be submitted to the employing department for approval, the administrative human resources department for approval according to the assessment and the general manager of the company for approval, so as to shorten the probation period. On the contrary, the probation period can be extended if approval is required, but the probation period shall not exceed six months at most. During this period, if you feel that there is a big gap between the actual situation and development opportunities of the company and the expectation, or decide to leave for other reasons, you can resign and handle the resignation procedures as required; Accordingly, if the new employee's work fails to meet the requirements, the company will also terminate the probation

Article 15

if you pass the probation and pass the pre employment training, you can get the employee performance evaluation report in the probation period from the administrative human resources department, which shall be signed by the person in charge of the probation department, reviewed by the superior in charge of the actual production business, and then submitted to the administrative human resources department. The administrative human resources department shall report to the general manager for approval

Article 16 refer to probation to regular process for specific procedures

Article 17 in principle, you cannot ask for leave during the probation period. If you really need to ask for leave, the time of becoming a regular employee will be postponed accordingly; If the leave exceeds one month, then

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