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The latest breakthrough in the field of composite paperboard - concave convex composite paperboard

corrugated has been used for paper compounding for more than 100 years, and its strength is much better than that of flat paper compounding. However, the unidirectional distribution of plate strength leads to easy folding and deformation along the tile direction. The honeycomb structure has the advantages of high strength, light weight (the drying time of cement is usually more than 10 (1) 5 days) and saving raw materials after the cement is completely dry. However, its structure too imitates the honeycomb, the production process is complex, the equipment investment is large, the processing quality is difficult to control, the production cost is high, and it is difficult to popularize in a large area

after more than two years of experiments, zhangshiquan, an engineer of Jinan JinShangYi Industrial Co., Ltd., overcame the defects of corrugated and honeycomb structures, concentrated their advantages, and took the lead in developing the third generation composite structure with independent intellectual property rights - "concave convex composite structure", which was applied to the field of composite paperboard and achieved success

concave convex composite paperboard has attracted the attention of various industries.

concave convex composite paperboard overcomes the defects of traditional corrugated and honeycomb structure, and can also replace three-layer composite F, G tiles and two-layer laminated paperboard. It has a wide range of applications. The product can be used to make wine packaging and small household appliance packaging, and the economic benefit is very considerable. Taking wine packaging as an example, about 200 grams of white paper can be saved per square meter. Four layer composite outer packing carton can save raw materials. Once the concave convex composite paperboard with moderate price was launched, carton enterprises, roll making enterprises and tile line manufacturing enterprises expressed their intention of cooperation to Mr. zhangshiquan

concave convex composite paperboard has many advantages.

the structure of "concave convex composite paperboard" makes full use of the extensibility of the plate and adopts physical, chemical and other processing methods to process rows of concave convex on the surface of the plate as support points. These support points are compounded with two layers of plates, that is, concave convex composite plates. The characteristics of the concave convex composite paperboard are concentrated in the following aspects:

1. high strength

as the concave convex core paper of the concave convex composite paperboard adopts the arch principle, the concave convex core paper is arranged in a staggered manner, so the strength distribution is uniform and has no directionality. The bending strength, flat pressing strength and impact strength in all directions are the same, which completely changes the disadvantages of the unidirectional distribution of corrugated strength. The test results of concave convex composite paperboard show that: ① the transverse compressive strength is 4.7 times that of corrugated a, 3.8 times that of corrugated C and 3 times that of corrugated B; ② Flat pressing strength: the single-layer core paper is higher than the corrugated core paper, and the double-layer (i.e. one core per mile) paperboard is 2.5 ~ 3 times higher than the corrugated paperboard

2. the surface is smooth and not easy to deform.

the concave convex composite paperboard has no corrugated groove marks after compounding. The inner paper and face paper do not need to use high gram weight paper to ensure the flatness of the paperboard surface. Moreover, due to the uniform strength distribution and non directionality of the paperboard, the defects of transverse bending deformation of corrugated paper can be well overcome

3. save base paper

take the corrugated core paper as an example, the rate of core paper produced per meter of base paper of tile a is less than 60%, that is, only 0.6m of corrugated core paper is produced per meter; B tile is less than 70%. The concave convex structure core paper is extruded on the paper surface, and the length of the paper is not affected (the bending forming length of corrugated paper is reduced by about 30%), so the core paper rate is 100%

4. simple processing technology and high production efficiency

the production of honeycomb composite board needs to eliminate the original corrugated production line, and the production equipment has complex structure and low efficiency. The maximum production speed is only 30 m/min. The production equipment of concave convex composite paperboard is basically the same as that of corrugated paperboard. After more than 100 years of development, the production equipment of corrugated paperboard has become more and more perfect. The production efficiency is ten times that of honeycomb paperboard, which has established and improved the fixed-point procurement system for raw and auxiliary materials, the periodic inspection and verification system for the structural principle of the constant friction resistance testing machine and the change report system for raw and auxiliary materials. The production of concave convex composite structure paperboard does not need to eliminate the original corrugated production line, but only needs to modify the key parts of the corrugated production line to achieve high-speed and efficient mass production. If the production line of concave convex composite paperboard is further improved, the production speed will exceed that of corrugated paperboard production line, and the energy consumption will be reduced

the production of concave convex composite paperboard can save 2.4 million yuan a year.

compared with the production of corrugated paperboard, the production of concave convex composite paperboard can save 25% ~ 30% of the base paper on average, which is undoubtedly an innovation for the corrugated packaging industry in the era of low profits. Based on the calculation of a five layer production line, under the condition of slow operation (30m/min), working for 14 hours a day, the price of core paper raw materials can be saved by about 8500 yuan. For 300 days a year, 2.4 million yuan can be saved. The production line speed in foreign developed countries is 300 m/min, and the average width is more than 3 m, that is, each production line can save more than 30 million yuan per year

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