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Epson's latest micro jet printing machine

[China Packaging News] it is understood that Nanjing Muyu Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: J18 Epson East China general agent) will bring two latest Epson digital printing equipment to join 2014 Nanjing International 3. Pointer beating: textile printing industry exhibition, one is Epson surecolor f7180 micro jet printing machine; The second is Epson surecolor f6080 micro jet printing machine

epson surecolor f7180 micro jet printing machine () supports transfer media with a width of 1.626 meters. There is a slight difference between the two (this is the standard width in the field of digital printing). It is very suitable for grey cloth printing enterprises to carry out printing production in the way of roll to roll transfer. Combined with its stable paper feeding and ink warehouse, Shandong Sida high tech welcomes you to call the consultation system, so that you can work unattended for 24 hours with more confidence

epson surecolor f6080 has a width of 1.118 meters, which is suitable for the production of digital clothing cutting pieces. The investment is only half of that of Epson surecolor f7080, but the production efficiency is almost the same. One investment and two gains are really realized. The equipment occupies a small area and is very suitable for the working environment of garment factories

november; Nanjing Muyu Technology Co., Ltd. will hold face-to-face talks with professional visitors on the latest Epson printing equipment at the 2014 Nanjing international textile printing industry exhibition. We look forward to your participation

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it is expected to reach 10% in 2017.

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exhibition Name: 2014 Nanjing International Textile Printing Exhibition

time: November, 2014

location: Nanjing International Expo Center

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