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For the owners of the first decoration, decoration is a very annoying thing. Looking for the decoration company in the early stage, the determination of the decoration design scheme in the medium term and the construction project in the whole link in the later stage all require the owners to spend their mind and energy to buy, so many owners will be overwhelmed by the decoration of their new houses and instantly grow old for several years. In order to help Wuhan decoration owners understand the decoration better, We Wuhan home decoration network editor to explain the new house decoration process for the owner, so that the owner can better understand the new house decoration precautions, and become a "decoration expert" to the letter

step 1: learn more about new house decoration

many first-time decoration owners do not know the specific decoration market, so it is easy to fall into various decoration traps in the decoration process, and in the end, they will only lose both human and financial resources. Therefore, before decoration, owners must first learn more about the decoration market in their city, learn more decoration common sense through various channels, and lay a foundation for decoration

1. Visit model rooms

before decoration, first visit some model rooms that have been decorated to see what other people's decoration is like, then integrate the decoration charm of multiple model rooms, and then determine the decoration style you want according to your own house type characteristics. Xiaobian suggested that the owners should pay more attention to the decoration activities of some decoration companies and participate in more activities, especially those companies that have real scene model rooms. After visiting model rooms of different styles, they can form a certain sense of decoration, which is helpful to improve the aesthetics of decoration

2. Understand the market of building materials

there are many stores selling decoration building materials in the market, especially the building materials for soft decoration of the main materials. There are many price differences and brands. When choosing and purchasing, owners can visit some prices of different building materials stores to make certain comparison and reference. At the same time, they can get online to know the evaluation of various netizens and compare their reputation to choose their own satisfactory building materials, Avoid spending a lot of money on inferior building materials

3. See the right time for decoration

many decoration companies and building materials stores will hold some decoration activities on weekends or holidays. Owners can actively participate in these decoration activities, but they must keep a certain sense. The cheaper the decoration is, the better, and the more expensive it is, the better. Moreover, choose a decoration at a suitable price, and choose brand main materials with guaranteed quality on building materials, Later use will not cause too much trouble

4. Learn common sense of decoration

for "decoration Xiaobai", if you want to avoid falling into the decoration trap, you must accumulate some common sense of decoration, including the signing of the early construction contract, the understanding of some decoration loopholes in the medium-term construction process, and the relevant knowledge of the later decoration acceptance, etc. for the owners who are busy with their work, you can learn these in their spare time, and you can also pay attention to some decoration websites, Make the decoration more secure. [recommended reading: how about autumn decoration? What are the benefits of autumn decoration?]





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