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As people have higher and higher requirements for home life and quality of life, whole house customization has gradually become the object of people's pursuit. The whole house customization has become the goal of many furniture merchants. Furniture manufacturers used to make furniture of a single category, but now they suddenly make whole house customization. This change is indeed a little difficult for franchisees to adapt. However, whole house customization has become a trend of the times. Both young and middle-aged people want to buy furniture that suits their ideas. They hope that the furniture can accommodate themselves and match the layout of the home, rather than choosing a set furniture according to the layout. Then at this time, the whole house customized furniture has become the best choice. In order not to lose more than half of these customers, it is imperative to join the whole house customization. How to customize and join the third tier cities? The whole house custom furniture joined Deville

the customized furniture of the whole house includes furniture as small as shoe cabinets, as large as wardrobes and beds, each of which is designed according to the actual structure and area of the house. In this way, we can not only make full use of space, but also realize various functions that the owner of the house wants, such as storage function. It may be easier to accept whole house customization in first tier cities because of the differences in information and the nature of customers. Third tier cities may still be in the confusion between making furniture and customized furniture. It's not long since they fully entered the purchase of furniture. Now they enter the customized furniture again, which is difficult for them to adapt. What should we do

first of all, it is very important to show the effect of customized furniture in the whole house. Consumers in third tier cities have higher requirements for visual sense. Secondly, it is more important to explain the advantages of full house customized furniture. Consumers in third tier cities need to instill ideas. Therefore, if you want to do a good job in the whole house customization of third tier cities, you must do the above two things first

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