In 2012, integrated ceiling manufacturers woke up

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HC360 home appliance network Original: with the continuous extension of the homogenization stage, the development of integrated ceiling has not made rapid progress at the beginning in recent years, or it lacks momentum. Some manufacturers are facing the crisis of bankruptcy and career change, and only a small number of enterprises with solid foundation and long-term planning still maintain a relatively optimistic attitude. An industry cannot be supported by only a few big brand enterprises. Therefore, under the fierce market competition, those optimistic enterprises should also take advantage of the situation to help them find the hope of spring on the tail of this warm winter that is coming to an end

however, since there are enterprises that can do a good job of this product, and since there are still so many new enterprises pouring in, it shows that it is not so pessimistic, and its development prospects are still broad enough

gradually improve the understanding of products

a few years ago, when I talked about the brand of integrated ceiling with my friends, many people said they had never heard of it. Now, when several friends who are about to get married mention the decoration, the author still mentions the integrated ceiling. They say they have heard of it and probably know its functional advantages. Subsequently, they also consulted the author about several large brand integrated ceilings. It can be seen that the product of integrated ceiling has changed from unknown to known among the vast number of consumers, although it is only a little heard. It can also be seen that in the development process of this product, both its appearance and function are affirmed by consumers

with the gradual improvement of product awareness, it can be seen that in this homogenization stage, although the product does not have a great mass development, its horizontal development is still commendable. The author also learned when visiting the market that the integrated ceiling is composed of metal aluminum ceiling and integrated electrical appliances, which is not only fashionable in style, but also contains no toxic ingredients, making it safer and healthier to use. With these three points, it has attracted enough consumers' attention in the whole building materials market

brand selection is more and more inclined to “ Practicality ” Brand

this year is the wedding year, and natural decoration has also become a hot topic. In addition to AIA and Baolan, which are well-known brands in the industry, some new brands are also popular choices for consumers when purchasing

therefore, some have gone bankrupt and some have developed well. When I visited the market, I found that a good brand store is one of the important conditions for development. Large storefront, good image, excellent salesperson and good service reputation are the brand image building goals for rookie enterprises to learn from big brand enterprises

“ Practicality ”, This is a message that successful franchised stores convey to consumers. When the market is not optimistic, improving their ability to resist competition is a marketing means to maintain a unique position in the chaotic market competition. In other words, the market downturn in 2012 is only for those enterprises that have no competitive advantage and have not laid a solid foundation at the beginning of brand building. Because of their poor anti risk ability, they become substitutes once they face a reshuffle

obviously, the author also gives a suggestion to those enterprises who are about to gain in the integrated ceiling industry. If they want to develop for a long time, they should first practice their basic skills and meet their visual and psychological requirements in various ways based on the practicality of consumers

the success or failure of gold sales throughout the year lies in one fell swoop

with the integrated ceiling getting more and more attention in the market, many businesses seize the opportunity to start advertising, show the effect of the integrated ceiling to the majority of consumers through various channels, and improve brand awareness. This year is a decoration year, so there is no distinction between light and peak seasons for manufacturers. Each season is a golden period for sales. Although the integrated ceiling is not publicized like other household appliances, because the nature of the products is different. Only when you go to the physical store to see the effect of the integrated ceiling can you buy satisfactory goods. However, the performance of other household electrical appliances is not much different.

therefore, in addition to ensuring quality, integrated ceiling products should constantly update their external and multi-functional multi-performance products. At present, in the first and second tier big city market, the awareness of integrated ceiling has increased significantly, and this group of audiences also account for the vast majority of the decoration brigade. But the countryside “ Blue ocean ” We can't ignore it. This is a very broad fertile land to be developed. Who can seize the first opportunity is also a great opportunity to win market share

in 2012, the sleeping integrated ceiling manufacturers woke up, rolled up their sleeves, and achieved more in this year full of opportunities in the spirit of dragon and horse




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