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Original title: the 10 places where house decoration is the most likely to cause regret

houses are decorated with RMB, which should be planned in advance before decoration. Therefore, it is a wise move to reduce regret and avoid waste to borrow others' lessons before decoration. Xiaobian has sorted out the most regrettable places in the decoration of the house. Please prevent them in advance

unfortunately, there are too few sockets at home

there is no socket in such a large stairwell, and the cutting machine must draw a line from the bathroom when laying the floor later. The location of the socket must be predicted well

in addition, it is better to install a socket on the balcony. For the sake of safety, it is best to install a socket at the upper end of the kitchen door so that the gas alarm can be released in the future. The ceiling light in the bedroom should be double controlled, one by the door and one by the bed, so as to avoid lying in bed in winter and then turning off the light

unfortunately, 2 the electric water heater has no socket

only considering the water consumption of the water heater, and ignoring the power switch

because the initial plan was to install a gas-fired water heater, after considering the price and other comprehensive factors, I bought an electric water heater. After installation, I found that the water heater had no power left in advance. As a result, I had to make do with connecting wires from the living room for two months. Later, it was really inconvenient, so we had to dig open the tiles and re lay the wires in the wall. That's “ Quite ” Regret

regret 3 handmade furniture is not beautiful

if you can buy furniture, don't let woodworkers do it, otherwise the material and workmanship will be filled with paint, and the price will never be cheap, and it will be extremely ugly

unfortunately, 4 the washing machine entered the kitchen

the calculation of the space in the bathroom was wrong, resulting in the dense arrangement of hand basins, toilets, washing machines, etc. When the project was finished and the furniture was purchased, it was found that the washing machine had no place. Washing machines, like water heaters, involve not only water supply and drainage, but also reserved waterproof sockets. After the toilet is completely completed, if the project is changed again, the loss is too large, and finally the washing machine is forced into the kitchen, which looks nondescript

unfortunately, 5 shower curtains are easy to make mistakes

the shower curtain is installed outside the bathtub. In addition to blocking the splashing of water droplets, it also has the function of decoration, but many consumers are in the wrong position when installing the shower curtain

the usual practice is to install the shower curtain on the outside of the bathtub, and the shower curtain naturally droops to the outside of the bathtub. It can be found in actual use that such a design can't block the water at all, because the water splashed on the shower curtain will flow out of the bathtub with the shower curtain, and the shower curtain can't play its role at all

the correct installation should be that the shower curtain is installed on the inner side of the bathtub, and when used, the shower curtain droops to the interior of the bathtub, which will play its due role. However, many owners ignore this point for beauty when decorating

unfortunately, the size of 6 sanitary ware is not accurate

buy sanitary ware with appropriate size. When buying a toilet, I didn't know the size of the water outlet. In fact, the size of the water outlet at the toilet position in each room is different, and the toilet interface also ranges from 200 mm to 300 mm. The toilet I bought is not suitable, and there will be economic losses when I return it

according to the designer, some toilets have a small area and need a scientific and reasonable layout. But some owners did not have rational understanding and scientific calculation before purchase and installation, resulting in crowded toilets

unfortunately, 7 cabinet design is unscientific

when designing the kitchen, the only most useful drawer was blocked by the later refrigerator. As a result, the design was white, and there were no drawers (kitchen drawers are still very useful, more practical than cabinets)

unfortunately, the 8 telephone line is selected incorrectly

it is best to choose 4-core round hard wire for the telephone line. It's the kind with four core copper wires inside. Don't choose the one with a trace. Weak current boxes are also available where you buy telephone lines. Generally, dozens of yuan for household use is enough

unfortunately, 9 basins on the stage are too troublesome

basins on the stage are not conducive to the sanitation of the table. From the perspective of convenience and beauty, it is best to buy an integral basin cabinet, and it is better to buy basins off the stage! Consider installing air conditioners and curtain poles before laying the floor! Otherwise, the construction period will be long

unfortunately, 10 concealed works depend on quality

concealed works must pay attention to the good use of water pipes and wires. We should also pay attention to the process quality. When installing the water pipes, we should pay attention to that they are not in place. If the water pipes are exposed outside the wall, it is very ugly. It is impossible to replace it after decoration




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