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There was an autumn rain outside the window, and the rain seeped in from the window. The water flowed from the aluminum alloy doors and windows on the wall and slowly extended to the ground. The windows always seeped in rainy days. What happened? In rainy days, the problem of water seepage in windows is an important standard to test the quality of window products. Window equipment must have waterproof function to meet the use needs of customers. In rainy days, furniture leakage prevention cannot be ignored

causes of water leakage of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. The waterproof sealing layer of aluminum alloy doors and windows is not enough. It may be aging and hardening for a long time, and cracks appear. There is no drainage channel in the aluminum alloy window structure cavity, and the rainwater entering the aluminum alloy structure cavity under the action of indoor and outdoor wind difference is not discharged in time by the drainage system, causing the water pressure to leak along the wall

2. The joint between aluminum alloy windows and walls is prone to leakage, and failure to fill materials as required will also cause rainwater leakage in the later stage

solve the water leakage of the window

1. Check the joint between the window and the wall, remove the original aging or damaged sealing materials, and then treat the base course clean, flat and straight. The large gap between the window and the wall shall be filled with styrofoam, and the inner and outer sides, as well as the window frame and sash batten must be sealed with glue

2. For windows with serious leakage, the waterproofing should be redone, especially the waterproofing of the top surface and the wall. A water baffle can also be added above the wall to reduce the impact of rainwater on the filling layer between the window and the wall. Good sealing materials should be selected during maintenance, and all leakage points should be carefully blocked

3. For owners who are decorating, Xiaobian suggests that in order to avoid this situation, we should try to choose aluminum alloy doors and windows with strong aging resistance of sealant strips, and there is no obvious gap in the splicing process. Pay attention not to install in rainy days




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