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In order to continuously improve the service level of the enterprise, Italian home Beijing now recruits brand planning directors. If necessary, sign up quickly and get preferential treatment

Italian home was founded in 2000, mainly engaged in the business of building materials and home furnishings. In 2010, it officially entered China and established a wholly-owned subsidiary - Beijing humon Xinda International Trade Co., Ltd. in Beijing, and then successively set up branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao and Guiyang to focus on building an Italian high-end home integrated service platform

post responsibilities of Beijing brand planning director of Italian home:

1 Analyze the current development status of the brand, plan the annual brand theme and quarterly brand planning plan according to the brand development direction, and improve the brand influence

2. Pay attention to the marketing planning methods of websites in the same industry, collect the promotion and communication materials of excellent websites, and complete the relevant brand planning, copywriting and brand maintenance of websites in combination with the current communication hot spots, the characteristics of their own brand target groups, the characteristics of brand service products, and the design of brand coverage

3. Refine the content of the website brand and optimize the core culture, social reputation and values of the brand

4. Design the packaging scheme of the brand, and formulate a complete set of VI related to the improvement of the brand

5. Brand PR, PR activity organization, PR relationship coordination

6. Brand cooperation and joint marketing plan planning

7. Make regular work reports to superiors and be responsible for work quality

8. Maintain good communication with colleagues in all departments and keep the enthusiasm of teamwork

qualification of Beijing brand planning director of Italian home:

1 Or above, major in journalism and communication, Chinese, marketing or related is preferred

2. The post requires the ability to do competitive brand analysis, brand construction and related planning independently, solid writing skills, keen on advertising and writing, strong communication and understanding skills, fluent writing and strong text conversion ability (only those with brand promotion ability will not be considered)

3. Be good at observing and planning the development of the company from a macro perspective, believe that brand is the way to gather product ideas and spread happiness, have management ability, and have led the team

4. Experience in 4A advertising company or internet financial planning supervisor or website editor is preferred

5. Good communication skills, excellent decision-making ability and ability to solve complex problems, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork

6. Proficient in using Excel and other office software




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